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  • August 12, 2019
  • Alfa Fans
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Alfa Fansis a leading Manufacturer , Wholesaler and Exporter of Industrial Fans such as Industrial Pedastal Fans , Wall Mount Fans , Exhaust Fans , Tubular Fans , Axial Flow Fans , Man Coolers , Centrifugal Blowers and more. The quality of all products & services have made us totally distinct from others. Alfa fans are manufactured under best quality control and confirm to ISI specification. our product match with all international standards.

We manufactured according to the Industrial And Government Standards our fans are specially designed to throw air. The aerodynamically designed blades ensure higher air delivery and minimum noise level. The sturdy guards with powder coating ensure corrosion resistance as per safety standards.

let’s talk about quality. There are two types of fans available on the market today — general- purpose and industrial purpose. At first glance they may seem identical, but there are a couple of critical differences you need to be aware of when shopping for a fan.

1. Durability :-

Simply put, industrial fans are built to last under hard, continuous use. General-purpose fans are made for lighter duty and/or intermittent use in homes or offices. The difference is in the details. An industrial fan will feature heavy-duty materials and bearings, more rugged welding and construction, and a more robust motor. You can expect an industrial fan to last much longer and need minimal service.

2. Size/Capacity —

Industrial fans usually will be larger but not always. A very large general-purpose fan may be larger than a very small industrial fan, which is why you always want to check the specs. That said, industrial fans tend to be bigger, with 200 to over 100,000 CFM of output. In comparison, general-purpose fans top out at about 2000 CFM. The industrial fan will generate higher air pressure, as well. You need to take both size and quality into account when choosing a fan, so you’ll get one that performs as expected without requiring excessive amounts of maintenance.


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