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Industrial Fans for Food Processing Plants India

  • April, 2022
  • Alfa Fans
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Industrial fans in India

serve a spread of purposes in any production site or facility – including the food industry. In any food manufacturing facility,

industrial fans

in India are highly important in making sure several processes run smoothly. Because of the variability of purposes an industrial fan offers, these industrial fans are available in different forms, materials, and functions. These fans are meant to support specific tasks at certain phases of the food processing cycle.

It’s not only one quiet industrial fan needed to place up a food manufacturing facility – there are literally a couple that require to be installed. It’s important to know which kinds are required and what purposes they serve. Doing so will help ensure an entire , smooth, efficient, and safe working food system from start to end , both for the consumers and also because the employees working in the facility.

Food processing plants are often harsh environments and sturdy and

heavy-duty industrial fans

are necessary for these facilities. Alfa Fans are perfect for eliminating condensation in food processing facilities and circulating air in chiller rooms. Rather than constantly replacing rusty fans, stainless steel and galvanized fans can get up to the moisture often found in food processing plants.


A food processing facility involves an entire system of machinery, with each equipment intended for a special function. But at the root of each type of fan is the same set of objectives: to maintain the quality of air within the facility, keeping it healthy and hygienic for everyone involved. It will also help in ensuring that the final product made is of high quality and safety.

Even the fabric used for every fan is crucial; for food facilities, it must nearly always be made from stainless steel . Stainless steel Fan is the most hygienic option, since it can prevent molds and bacteria from forming. This makes cleaning and maintenance easier, and keeps your fans strong and sturdy for an extended time. Aluminum, polypropylene, and other non-corrosive materials are also recommended.

Food facilities are notorious for breeding high humidity, dirt, and chemicals within the air and for operating for long hours. All of those could gravely affect the longevity of fans. If the incorrect fan is employed , maintenance is going to be more costly. In addition, there'll be a greater frequency of needing replacements. This will definitely cost the food facility extra money and time.


It’s also important to use the proper fans for the welfare of the workers. Certain fans help provide a simple working environment, expertly removing any heat or humidity residue from the food being processed. Not all industrial fans can do that , given the environment food workers are in.

There’s also an indirect result of saving on labor costs. After all, investing in your employees’ comfort, well-being, mood, and productivity is known to lead to a more engaged and loyal workforce.

Simply put, investing within the correct sorts of fans (which are durable, reliable, and of high quality) can reduce any company’s expenses for repair, replacement, maintenance, and workforce retention in the long run.


Stainless Steel Fan packages are designed for non-sanitary necessity where corrosion resistance is desired. These packages are ideal for wash down applications or to attenuate contamination. As a typical , all housing cheeks and scrolls are continuously welded on the outside of the housing.

2. Galvanized Fans

Galvanized tubeaxial fan is a customized fan for use on offshore oil well platforms. They are designed to face up to the tough environment.

Features of Galvanized Fan

  • Continuously welded construction
  • Hot dip galvanized coating
  • ELTA cast aluminum impeller
  • Swivel yoke
  • OSHA style front and rear guards
  • TEFC motor with arctic duty grease

    A flameproof exhaust fan may be a ventilation device with sufficient protection to contain an indoor blast on exposure to a combustible airstream. Proofing such a system means providing a physical/mechanical construction to stop an explosion from spreading externally and causing harm or damage within the area around it.

    4. Supply & Exhaust Fans

    Supply air fans, intake fans, supply fan and make-up air blowers are used for specific situations where fresh and or clean make-up air must get replaced at a quicker rate than what would normally take place.It removes smoke, condensation, fumes and more with Alfa Fans total ventilation solutions.

    5. Exhaust Fans

    An industrial fan might be a Centrifugal type Blower or an Axial type Fan. What defines them as “Industrial” is the construction, materials and gauges. Centrifugal blowers differ from axial flow fans within the way they move the air. A centrifugal blower typically has one among seven sorts of wheels that pulls the air into the inlet of the blower housing, through the wheel, and discharges it at 90 degrees out through the discharge of the housing. An axial flow fan uses a propeller to draw the air into it and discharges it within an equivalent axial direction.

    Alfa Fan began in 1980 to fill the gap between users and manufacturers of industrial fans technologies. Alfa Fan is a leading

    Industrial fans manufacturer in Mumbai

    Today we facilitate a wide range of applications and enjoy solving simple to complex industrial fan issues.Our goal is to always be pliable to the needs of our clients.

    We hope to exceed your expectations with this approach as you seek to solve your needs through Alfa Fans. We focus our efforts on providing you the simplest quality, as soon as possible, at an excellent value.

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