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Alfa Fan's Pedestal Fans Installed in Mumbai’s Covid Health Facilities
  • August, 2020
  • Alfa Fans
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Since the Covid pandemic has gripped India, the Indian Government is trying the best to bring it under control. Maharashtra state and its capital Mumbai continues to remain the worst affected state with more than 60,000 active cases.

Mumbai’s Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation has set up more than 10 Covid health centers. The twin cities of Mira and Bhayander got two civic-run dedicated Covid health centres (DCHCs) in view of a spike in Covid-19 cases.

Meenatai Balasaheb Thackeray Community Hall is one of the Covid health centers that will accommodate 160 beds and Alfa Fans have actively contributed to this cause.

Alfa Fans have installed 18” Pedestal Fans that have unique mobility, so that the fan can be carried to every corner of the Room as per the need and requirement. Alfa Fans have installed around 100 to 150 pedestal fans in the whole premises. These pedestal fans have professionally designed impellers that give larger flow of air with less noise, this will help the covid patient to be at ease in a well ventilated environment. Alfa’s Pedestal fans are light weight and are fully assembled and ready to use with the plug in feature.

Pedestal fans are a good substitute to ceiling fans and are perfect to be used in homes where space can be a problem. And moreover, these fans can be installed to blow air in a specific direction, which is very much convenient. The majority of these fans come with multiple speed settings, letting you set as well as adjust them according to your requirements. The high-quality fans come with the silent operation feature; therefore no one is disturbed by a continuous buzzing noise when it is used. Sturdy mount bases, adjustable height and powerful airflow make Alfa Fans better and easy to use. And can be customised according to the client’s requirement.


Benefits of Using Our Pedestal Fans :

Easy to move:
Pedestal fans are extremely portable and lightweight. They can be moved to and fro, which means that you can keep them wherever you like and turn it by simply plugging the switch in the socket.

A pedestal fan is economical and can be shifted from one place to another without any hassle, it’s also environment-friendly. The maintenance cost is also less, unlike an AC.

Modern pedestal fans:
The latest pedestal fans are now coming with remote control features that enable you to control the speed with the help of a remote while sitting in one place. They are now available with an option of expandable height that can be adjusted accordingly depending on your requirements


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