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Things To Keep In Mind Before Buying A Pedestal Fan

  • September, 2021
  • Alfa Fans
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Pedestal fans

are gaining popularity all across the country. Their efficient performance and instant cooling make them an ideal choice for households all across India. These fast oscillating, portable fans can calm down any space in your home. Here are some things to keep in mind before buying a pedestal fan!

Air delivery

Pedestal fans are known for their amazing air conveyance which is estimated in CMM or kiloliter Per Minute. This fundamentally represents the amount of air pushed out each moment. The more air that the fan pushes out, the more grounded the breeze is having the chance to be . CMM is moreover snared into your preferred space. For instance, a Farrata pedestal fan is utilized in enormous spaces and should cover 3,000 CMM or all the more however in case you're attempting to search out an enthusiast that you essentially just can utilize inside the reach would be from around 60-100 CMM.



rotate at different speeds which is liable for the cooling it delivers. This is measured by RPM or Rotations Per Minute. So, the faster the fan spins, the faster is the cooling. There are two sorts of pedestal fans available: Normal and High Speed. A pedestal fan with 1300 RPM would be considered normal whereas anything around 2100 RPM would be considered High Speed. However, an honest RPM range for indoor use reception would be anywhere between 1300-1400.


One of the biggest factors that decides the sturdiness of a pedestal fan is the material that it's made with. It could be plastic or metal. The ones made with plastic are lighter which makes it easier to maneuver from one place to another whereas the metal ones are more sturdy and sturdy . Consider the hours of usage, chances of rusting and maintenance needs, etc. before making the purchase.


When you select a pedestal fan, it is vital to remain in mind the physical space it'll occupy in your home. To measure where to put your fan, consistently check the blade edge clear and tallness. Clear is the measurement of the circle that is made when a lover turns. The breadth size and tallness of the fan should match and fit easily in whichever room you propose to put the fan. Another aspect would be to also check out the dimensions of the space you're placing your pedestal fan in. If the space is greater and therefore the fan must cover more area, naturally the peak would even have to be adjusted accordingly.

Noise factor

Heavy fans with more output tend to form more noise and force you to settle on between performance and therefore the silent factor. So, do remember to see the fans on multiple speed modes to check if they're noisy or not. For example, some newer models like Alfa ’s SilentPro fan come equipped with silencing technology which makes pedestal fans a superb option for night time also ..


Pedestal fans have consistently been seen as a conventional home machine with practically zero extent of progress. However, with new and more inventive innovation, Alfa Fans have manufactured many types of pedestal fans (H2) with remote function. This helps you get a cool breeze at the press of a button!


Pedestal fansWe know that sometimes household appliances like pedestal fans can appear to be unreasonably priced but if you inspect all the numerous features, benefits and thus the convenience it offers it surely is more of an investment for the longer term . Due to its portability and size, it is often used not only indoors but also outdoors throughout the year.
So, we hope that before you create a sale , you'll consider these points to assist you create your decision. Check out Alfa ’s new range of pedestal fans for a reasonable yet efficient cooling option!

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