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Alfa's Tube Axial Flow fan system uses blades (propellers) to generate airflow that is parallel to the shaft through which the blades rotate. It's one of the best product by our company for industrial & commercial sectors.

Axial fans are used in process applications where space is at a premium. Air flows through fans parallel to the shaft moving outward in the same direction it flowed inward. These fans are used for creating a high volume of airflow in lower pressure applications.


Tube Axial Fans

Tubular axial fan are manufactured in accordance to quality standards laid by international authorities.

Perfect for the manufacturing sector these fans reliably move air wherever it is required and at the right time.

So quiet and so efficient, save energy with these innovative industrial fans


Tube Axial Fans

Fan blades are made of non-sparking cast Iron.

Tube axial fans feature an explosion proof motor.

Fan is made of heavy gauge steel with angle iron flanges welded on each end for superior strength.

Tube axial fans have a totally enclosed motor to provide long lasting durability.


Tube Axial Fans

Tube axial fans remove fumes, dust, smoke or steam from poorly ventilated areas.

Totally enclosed fans and motors.