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What’s the difference between an Air circulator vs fan
  • DEC 10, 2019
  • Alfa Fans
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Air circulators work by keeping the air in a room moving. As a result, this keeps the air more fresh and cooler. A regular fan helps cool you down by blowing air on you causing a ‘wind chill effect’ which cools you. So the difference between an air circulator and a regular fan is how they work to keep you cool.Nowadays it is common to find air circulators almost everywhere. Whether it’s your own home, your workplace, or your gym, air circulators give you an alternative to fans when it comes to cooling yourself off.

ALFA FANS is trusted for excellence in Air Technology.Engineering excellence combined with strict quality control and round the clock performance has made ALFA FANS Air Circulator widely used Fans in today's commercial Set-up.Workshop, Factory, Showrooms, Malls, Commercial Spaces, Assembly Shops, Restaurant, Air Port, Public Places, Railway Platform, Stadium, Depots, Godowns etc are some of the Areas where Air Circulators are widely used.Our commitment to quality at economical Rates had made millions of Industries to provide comfortable environment to their Employees.ALFA FANS Products are combined with Quality & Performance to give trouble free operations for years to com.

Air circulators are air movers that circulate the air evenly throughout enclosed space.

Air circulators contribute to air ventilation by keeping the air in motion, whereas the traditional fan helps to cool you down when you’re directly facing it.They also come in a variety of forms, such as tower fan, pedestal fan, and floor fan. Launching in the ’80s and the ’90s, air circulators gained immediate recognition among the public. After seeing a positive response from customers, numerous companies started to step in and provide air circulators as alternatives to regular fans.

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