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Why Should One Choose Alfa’s Man-Coolers For Their Industries!

The need of Man Cooler-

  • MAR 15, 2020
  • Alfa Fans
  • BLOG

Types of Mancoolers available at Alfa Fans

Man Coolers are designed to withstand heavy use in an industrial setting. In today's day and age of technology, most major manufacturing facilities have turned to automated or robotic processes, which in turn results in the increased use of machinery that emits high heat. This heat transfers from the machinery to the surrounding areas of the factory, plant or production warehouse. Due to the surrounding heated areas, the workers’ health and well being are being affected, as well as their ability to efficiently produce. Man coolers are designed to provide fresh air in hot, muggy and dusty surroundings which is very important to maintain the health of workers. The high velocity cool air stream, which passes over a long distance, helps to vaporize perspiration and thereby keep the body cooler. Installing these fans in your facility today may help with happier, healthier and more productive employees tomorrow

Man Coolers are designed to give higher air flow to a longer distance which is a must in Industries like Glass Manufacturing, Automobile, Moulding Shop, Steel Industries, Aircraft Companies, Railway Shed, Power Plant, Heavy Equipment Manufacturing etc. We at Alfa Fans have designed Man Coolers to provide utmost volume circulation of air. We offer a range of sizes as per customer's requirement, which has helped us to adapt specific grounds in the fan industry .

Types of Mancoolers available at Alfa Fans::-
Tubular Fans:
●  Mancooler has longer life and durability to work in extreme Industrial Conditions.
●   In this type of Mancoolers, the impeller and motor assembly is mounted in the circular casing with suitable stand arrangement. This can be moved from place to place easily even in rough floor areas.
●  Products are combined with Quality & Performance to give trouble free operations for years to come.

Pedestal Fans:
●  Pedestal Mancooler in its product range is to facilitate the shop floor in the industries to provide a better environment for their employees which in turn results from the increase in production.
●  These type of Mancoolers are designed to place on the shop floors.
●  The cast aluminum alloy, statically and dynamically balanced the impeller of high efficiency with aerofoil section blades that are mounted directly on the motor shaft with suitable, sturdy protection guards and mounted on the steel pipe with motor base plate.

WallMount Fans:
●  These fans provide cooling relief in a multitude of industrial & commercial applications in both indoor and outdoor environments.
●  These coolers provide an economical and environmentally-friendly means of keeping spaces cool.
●  These fans are mounted on steel pipes with suitable holes in the base plates for heavy duty motors.
Both the types: Pedestal and WallMount are capable of being swiveled both in horizontal and vertical planes thus covering a wider area of air circulation.

The need of Man Cooler -
Workers tend to lose energy and get exhausted while working in the intense heat on the shop floors. This results in loss of productive capacity, decrease in output and strain in human relations. So a cooling appliance becomes essential. This is where the need for Man cooler arises.

Quality of Alfa Fans:
Alfa’s Mancooler is designed and manufactured with precision to provide the best cooling comfort and is useful even in areas of high temperature such as steel plants and foundries.It cools the body by producing a high velocity air stream with maximum reach. The blast of air provided by it sets in motion the surrounding air, which increases as it covers distance.

Regions of Application:-
●  All shop floors, specially those with furnaces, foundries and heat - producing apparatus.
●  Cooling of brick kilns, cooling bottles in glass works, tempering furnaces and electrical equipment.
●  Industrial cooling of castings, generators and other machines.
●  Dehydration in cold storage of perishable and edible products.

●   It increases productive capacity and at the same time, improves industrial relations.
●  It acts as the substitute for several fans of other types


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