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Centrifugal Blowers

A centrifugal blower is a motor or pump that uses centrifugal force to move air. This force is generated by the rotation of an impeller, which draws air or fluids into the blower and pushes it out through the blower's outlet. They consist of an impeller, a housing, and a drive mechanism, with the impeller being the most important component, with a series of blades mounted on a central hub connected to a fan shaft.

The speed at which the impeller rotates is determined by the drive design of a centrifugal blower, which can be belt or direct drive. Centrifugal blowers' high speed and efficiency make them suitable for a wide range of applications, from driers to HVAC systems.

The efficiency and effectiveness of a centrifugal blower , or how quickly air is moved through the system, are determined by the angle of the blades. The three different types of blade angles are radial, backward curved, and forward curved.

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Types Of Centrifugal Blowers

In the processing industries, centrifugal blowers are a common industrial equipment for high pressure applications and are a crucial component of air pollution control systems. The capacity of centrifugal blowers to effectively produce air flow at a constant pressure sets them apart from other types of blowers or fans.
There are 6 different types of centrifugal blowers and each of them have their uses and benefits.

1. Forward Curved Centrifugal Blowers

Forward-curved centrifugal blowers have a curve that faces the impeller's direction of rotation. The blades' length is shorter than it is for radial and backward curved blades. The air pressure acting on the blades is directed in the direction of their bend, which is only possible with shorter blades. In comparison to radial and rearward blades, forward curved blades have a higher velocity vector VR. The maximum pressure is produced by forward-curved blades, but they are also the least effective.
Due to the blower's wheel's resemblance to a squirrel cage, forward-curved centrifugal fans are also referred to as squirrel cage blowers. The housing, shaft, bearings, and impeller that make up its structure. Centrifugal blowers with a forward curve are best for home furnaces and air conditioners.

2. Backward Inclined Centrifugal Blowers

The three different blade designs for backward inclined centrifugal fans are flat single thickness, curved single thickness, and curved airfoil. In contrast to centrifugal blowers with forward-curved blades, backward-inclined blowers have larger, heavier blades that rotate counterclockwise. In comparison to radial and forward blade fans, backward curved blade blowers have a smaller velocity vector.
The reason behind backward inclined centrifugal blowers were so widely used is because of their ability to perform at high speed and exceptional efficiency while using less horsepower and rugged construction. These qualities make these blowers suitable for high static applications.
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3. Radial Centrifugal Blowers

Centrifugal blowers that are oriented radially feature straight blades without any curvature. The blades are parallel to the wheel's rotational axis. The blades' radial shape keeps dirt and dust from adhering to them. They are perfect for severe environments and material handling applications because of this property. Such conditions necessitate heavier, deeper blades with a basic design.
A radial centrifugal blower's blades can have side rims in some configurations. Compared to the ones on forward- and backward-inclined centrifugal blowers, the blades are heavier, deeper, and narrower. Higher masses and volumes of fluid can be moved by radial centrifugal blowers at medium to high pressures.

4. Airflow Centrifugal Blowers

Centrifugal blowers with an airfoil design may move a lot of air with little power. They have a blunt trailing edge and a rounded leading edge. The airflow separates and moves above and below the blade as it gets closer to the blower. Along the convex curve at the top of the blade and the concave curve at the bottom, air is deflected. Air escapes the blade as it passes over the cutting edge.
A huge amount of clean air can be handled by airfoil blades at low to moderate static pressure thanks to their unique design. Compared to backward inclined blowers, they operate more quickly and efficiently.

5. Radial Tip Centrifugal Blowers

Compact and designed for high volume air flow when high pressure requirements are necessary are radial tip centrifugal blowers. The pointed blades handle clean and filthy air flow by keeping dust and particle matter flowing. A radial tip centrifugal blower combines the characteristics of a radial blower with a rearward inclined blower in its structure.
Since it is composed of stainless steel and has an epoxy coating with extremely robust linings that protect the blower from corrosion, a centrifugal radial tip blower can move corrosive and saturated air.

6. Plug Centrifugal Blowers

There are many different names for plug blowers or fans. Plug blowers are known as open type fans or blowers because they lack a housing, which is their most prominent and evident characteristic. Plug blowers are utilized for dust collecting, autoclave containers, and high temperature applications.
Every plug blower is engineered and created to be able to withstand the demands of a particular high temperature application. Customers must supply information on operational temperatures, necessary air flow, pressure, and density.
There are different types of centrifugal blowers benefits such as: they are low cost maintenance, saves your energy, they are versatile and durable as well.

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