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5 Application of Industrial Fans in the Agricultural Industry

  • August, 2022
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Agriculture is the major sector of profession Indians base their livelihoods on. Roughly 60 percent of the Indian population works in the industry , contributing about 18 percent to India’s GDP( Source Statista).

Before, due to limited resources , Agriculture couldn't survive the harsh environmental conditions. Modern agriculture has performed well. By using the knowledge and professionalism of the scientific and technological revolution and introducing industrial methods the agriculture sector has bettered a lot.

One similar modern revolutionary technique that has helped the agriculture sector grow in India is the introduction of

industrial fans and blowers

. The use of blower fans has been efficiently used by several farmers. Industrial blowers find their application in several industries. In the agriculture sector they help in creating airflow in livestock barns, dairy farms, greenhouses, etc. In addition to airflow, industrial fans in agriculture give condensation in stale areas, decreasing unwanted birds and insects in facilities, and improving the air quality around the farm.

As a

professional industrial fan manufacturer in India

, we've supplied high- end industrial fans to several farm units in India. Industrial Fans in agriculture have a distinct role in several units of farming . We've listed many of them below.

Use of Industrial Fans In Greenhouse:

An intriguing application of industrial fans in agriculture is that it helps in the blooming of flowers and plants in the greenhouse. It helps in modifying the temperature and moisture.

Centrifugal and industrial blowers

also help in creating a suitable climate for various crop cultivation. The fans are designed in a way that they move high volumes of air with low pressure to equate the temperature. In summers,

industrial fans

reduce condensation in the greenhouse. In winters it helps crops in staying warm with heat exchangers.

Use Of Industrial Fans in Breeding Livestock:

Fresh air is integral in cattle breeding stalls and livestock enclosures.

Exhaust fans

are the ideal type for removing unwanted odors and exhalations. Exhaust industrial fans help in improving cattle life, increase production , and reduce threat of diseases .

Use Of Industrial Fans In Food Production:

Food production for animals is another application of industrial fans in agriculture. They help in milling, blending, and pelletizing of animal feed. The milled feed is carried on pneumatic belts to rail buses and exchanges for further deliveries. The industrial fans also help in indurating fruits, vegetables, and meat products during packaging.

Use Of Industrial Fans For Agricultural Dust Collection:

For a long time, industrial fans are used in dust collection by creating an air movement. In an agriculture set up, the industrial fans remove the dust particles that place a hazard to the ongoing agricultural activities.

Use Of Industrial Fans In Drying:

Another application of industrial fans in agriculture is in grain drying. Industrial Blowers coupled with heaters remove the humidity from the agriculture products. In the presence of large drum, the agriculture products are cured with excessive air at a low pressure. As a result, grains are dried at a rapid pace and easily stored and transported.


Opting a right fan for agriculture is an aggravating process. Depending on the process, fans have to have specific conditions. As a trusted industrial fan manufacturer in India, we provide exceptional blowers and industrial fans for varied industries . We have expansive knowledge on the needs and conditions of agriculture. We can help you get an industrial fan that correctly suits your demands

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