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Benefits of Working With High-Performance Blowers
  • MAY 24, 2019
  • Alfa Fans
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High-Performance Blowers are used in industries when there is a requirement for larger volumes of air flow at higher pressures. A fan with higher pressure ratio (output pressure / input pressure) can be called as a blower provided it produces pressures as high as 1.20 kg/cm2. Like fan systems, blowers are widely used in industrial processes where a constant flow of air/gas is needed at higher pressures such as conveying material in dust collector systems, combustion air for burners, drying & cooling, general ventilation & circulation of air and so on. Blowers with higher efficiency are also used in industrial vacuum systems where suction or negative pressures are required.

industrial blowers are broadly divided into two types, centrifugal blowers and positive-displacement blowers. Centrifugal blowers have several advantages over other blower types because of their wide operating ranges and high speed capabilities.

Centrifugal blowers are widely used in industrial applications where there is a requirement for constant flow of larger volumes of air such as in ventilation, combustion, transporting materials, cooling and heating systems, dust control, air conveyor systems, industrial vacuum applications and in other industrial processes.

Centrifugal blowers vary on the basis of their air flow capacity, blower type, blower dimension, and maximum operating pressure. Based on the requirement, blowers of various types can be customized and installed to serve the needs of diverse industrial applications.

When purchasing or utilizing a blower, there are a few key benefits to note:

1. Intelligent motion controls allow the blower to sense what it needs to do on its own.

2. Long-term reliability means that you do not have to worry about system failures or parts needing replacement.

3. Rugged performance allows high-performance blowers to keep working under difficult conditions for extended periods.

4. Programmable controls make it easy for you to handle how the blower is operating.

5. you can use high-performance blowers in a variety of industries, making them an excellent option regardless of what you need them for; these machines come as stationary models and models that allow for motor or stand reuse. They are found in :

Pneumatic conveying blower systems.

Aircraft deicing.

High inlet temperature blower systems.

Wastewater aeration blower systems.

6. Flexibility in a range of applications means that you can use high-performance blowers in :

  • Combustion air supplies.
  • Cooling and drying systems.
  • Fluid bed aerators.
  • Conveyor systems.
  • Dust-control applications.

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