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Benefits of Using Centrifugal Fans In India - Alfa Fans

  • August, 2021
  • Alfa Fans
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centrifugal fan

is one among the foremost efficient fans on the market today. Most people consider a centrifugal fan as just a fan; its intricacies aren't exactly public knowledge.

Centrifugal fans are popular choices for today’s modernized air handling applications. Due to their simple design, centrifugal fans are manufactured easily and quickly, which may save tons on production costs.

The design of those fans also provides exceptional aerodynamic properties, allowing -improved airflow in vehicles and HVAC systems. Different centrifugal fans offer specific merits, but collectively, these fans are going to be more beneficial to varied project needs as against axial fans. Here are six benefits offered by centrifugal fans that just might convince you to switch over.

First-rate energy efficiency. Constant airflow allows centrifugal fans to get energy that reaches up to 84% static efficiency. These higher efficiency levels are ideal for sustaining larger air systems.

Enhanced durability. These fans are durable enough to properly operate within the foremost corrosive and erosive environments.

Ability to restrict overloading. Certain centrifugal fans fitted with non-overloading horsepower curves will make sure the motor won't overload if its capacity is exceeded.

Easy to maintain. Lighter material fans are often easily cleaned once you deem it necessary. Moreover, certain fans have self-cleaning characteristics, making daily maintenance that much easier.

High versatility. Centrifugal fans are useful for multiple airflow/pressure combinations, and that they can process several airflow conditions, including clean, dry, and wet air.

Multiple sizes. These fans are available in several sizes to accommodate diverse applications—such as those found in tight spaces or difficult to succeed in areas.

What is a centrifugal fan?

A centrifugal fan or

centrifugal blower

may be a pump or motor that moves air. It pulls the air inside the blower then pushes it out at a 90º angle. The two main components of a centrifugal fan are the motor and therefore the impeller. An impeller sucks or pulls air, in contrast to a propeller which pushes air.


industrial fans

can pull and push air at less than a 90º angle; these fans are called mixed flow fans.

Centrifugal fans can either have no exterior housing or structure to provide protection or they're going to be built with some protective housing.

There are five different types of

centrifugal fans

, which differ in the sort and shape of the fan blades.

  • Backward curved blades
  • Backward inclined blades
  • Backward inclined aerofoil blades
  • Radial blades
  • Forward curved blades

  • What are centrifugal fans used for?

    A centrifugal fan is usually used for residential applications to maneuver air through a duct in your home. Think of your air con system, furnace, or hood duct. You also might see these in commercial environments like your car wash. Once the wash is complete, large fans dry your car off in only seconds. Those fans are centrifugal fans. They take the surface air and move it rapidly, creating a pressure differential. So long because the pressure differential is maintained, the air continues to maneuver , and your car dries off quickly.

    Centrifugal fans also are common in air conveyor devices, which use air to move objects along a conveyor belt . This is something you would possibly see during a factory or warehouse.

    Learn More About Centrifugal Fans

    To improve your air system’s productivity while decreasing your energy costs, centrifugal fans are the optimal fans to choose .

    Learn more about these


    with Alfa Fans new blog titled the benefits of Centrifugal Fans.

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