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Benefits of Using a Table Fan

  • August, 2021
  • Alfa Fans
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Whether it's used for its cooling effect or as a breezy ventilation solution,

table fans

play an important role in Indian households. Its huge demand and growing popularity have made it one among the simplest and most affordable alternatives to take a position across the year. Not only this, but table fans also offer several other benefits. If you're curious to understand more, read on!

1. Portability

Being able to hold your


from room to room and obtain personalized cooling sounds perfect on those hot afternoons, doesn’t it? Unlike most appliances that are heavy or installed into the wall, table fans are comparatively easy, lightweight and convenient to maneuver around. Its portable nature is one among the foremost important assets of a table fan!

2. Energy Efficient

A table fan may be a welcome addition to your home. Not only due to its effective cooling but also because it's an energy-efficient and eco-friendly option as compared to alternatives like air conditioners that emit harmful gases and chemicals into the atmosphere. A table fan also consumes less energy while supplying you with a stellar performance. Thereby, reducing your electricity costs also decreases the general electricity consumption of your household.

3. Space savvy

Large, bulky appliances are a thing of the past. A space savvy table fan is simply what you would like , be it a little room or your own shop. Table fans fit into almost every space! They are easy to put and don’t require complicated installation procedures. Furthermore, they can also be used both indoors and outdoors with the help of an extension cord which makes them even more versatile, useful and hassle-free to use.

4. Budget friendly

Beat the warmth without spending an excessive amount of money once you invest in a table fan. These appliances aren't only affordable but also extremely durable. They are an investment for the longer term which pays for itself by maintaining low maintenance costs and also by reducing your electricity bill considerably. Sounds ideal, right?

5. Cooling Factor

With a versatile 90 degree rotation function that ensures every corner of the space receives an equal distribution of air, table fans have now quickly become the go-to product for many consumers, especially in the summers. For example, Alfa ’s SilentPro Table Fan provides 20% higher air delivery as compared to other similar fan variants. It also comes equipped with Silent Pro technology that promises a noise-free cooling experience.

Quick steps to assemble your Alfa table fan

As all of you know the sole purpose behind a table fan is to give direct cooling and nothing shows improvement over the Alfa table fan. Now a table fan is often placed anywhere at your home where you would like it the foremost . Assembling an Alfa table fan is just about as simple as putting it. Thus, how about we get directly down to the speediest strides to assemble your brand-new Alfa table fan.

Assembling Instructions:

STEP 1: Unboxing

Open the box and place all the parts individually so you'll have an honest check out what goes where. You will find a motor stand, bottom base, guards with rings, and therefore the blades.

Step 2: Dismantling Screws

Remove the screws first from the rock bottom base so as to suit it into the motor stand. Make sure that the switches are fitted through rock bottom base in an ascending order.

Step 3: Assembling Screws

Now fit the screws back to the rock bottom base so as to stay the motor stand intact with the rock bottom base.

Step 4: Assembling Blade Nut & Guard Nut

You will discover a blade and a guard nut at the focal point of the engine stand. Relax the sharp edge nut clockwise and hence the guard nut in an anti-clockwise direction. Separate the both from each other.

Step 5: Tightening Guard Nut

Then fix the guard to the motor and tighten the guard nut into it. Make note of two things, one that the guard is slotted in well with the extruders of the motor and second that the handle on the guard is facing upwards.

Step 6: Placement of Blade

Now comes the turn of the blade. Place the blade through the shaft pin of the motor and ensure that the blade groove is fixed in the motor shaft pin groove.

Step 7: Tightening of Blade

Tighten the blade nut in anti-clock direction, back to the shaft pin and fasten the front guard to the rear guard with the assistance of the guard ring.

Step 8: Tightening of Guards

Use the screw to tighten the 2 guards.

Operating Instructions:

  • To sway the fan, you can push the oscillation knob behind the fan. To stop swaying, you'll pull the knob up.
  • To bring the air flow upwards, you can pull the fan down from behind in like manner.
  • If the fan's neck has a knob, you can slacken or fix it to change the course of the wind stream.

  • Apart from its advanced features, Alfa ’s table fans are also designed to provide your space with a refreshed and aesthetic look. Check out our exclusive range online and find the proper table fan for your home!Alfa's domestic fans is one of the oldest and the pioneer product lines of the company. Keeping our customers' demand in mind we have a range of domestic eco fans & domestic ultra fans. Alfa Fan's has excellence in providing a huge Range of

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    Pedestal Fans

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    combined with Class & Style to cater needs of every home / workplace, so that there is breeze at every place & complete relaxation to the individual.

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