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Sanitize Your Workplace With Alfa's Sanitizer/Mist Fans

  • April,30 2020
  • Alfa Fans
  • BLOG

COVID-19 spread is emotionally challenging for many people, changing day-to-day life in unprecedented ways. All sections of society – including employers and employees – should play a role to protect themselves and each other and help prevent further spread of the disease. with the help of Alfa Industiral Fans you can keep your workplace clean and disinfact for 24X7.

During the pandemic outbreak of Covid 19, it is very essential that industries follow strict sanitation rules not only for their workers to follow but also deep clean the factories, industries and warehouses and make it a healthy environment for the safety of all! “Recommended Measures to be Followed For Fighting Against Covid-19”Gather the items needed for cleaning before entering the area and cleaning begins.

WorkPlaces will change after coronavirus.Pandemic-proofing offices could involve short-term fixes, new working patterns and long-term design upgrades that put hygiene at the heart of workplace planning. We should be ready for the change along with the safety. Alfa fans Provide Sanitizer/Mist Fans that helps you to keep your workstaion clean and disinfact for all the day.

The Coolest Features of Our Senitizer/Mist Fans will give safe work environment to your workplace.It's continous and reliable performance will definitly make good impact on workers health. Sanitizer/Mist Fans has 40liter of tank capacity which keeps sanitizer supply for long time.

Employers should encourage employees and housekeeping staff to routinely clean all frequently touched surfaces in the workplace, such as keyboards, remote controls, desks, countertops and doorknobs.To meet the maximum safety requirements Industial fans will surely help as it supplies disinfact in the air for longer time.

Following are some tips for selecting an air-cleaning device in your workplace. Remember that a qualified professional should make final decisions regarding the suitability of an air-cleaning device. Alfa's Sanitizer/Mist Fan is surely meeting the requiremtent.
●  Before the air cleaning device is selected, it is very important to know about the maintenance and access requirements, the physical size of the equipment and how it will be installed in the plant as well as the methods of removing the collected contaminants.
●  The air cleaner must be reliable. Many installations require monitoring or proof of continual operations by measuring conditions in the system.
●  Maintenance and operating costs must be considered. The air cleaner must operate in stable conditions as well as variations such as plant start-up and shut down. Considerations also include if it must be accessible for maintenance or if the air cleaner must continue to operate while maintenance or repairs are being done.
●  The device must meet local and national regulations for environmental pollution control.


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