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  • August, 2021
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ceiling fan

is the most elementary cooling system found in almost every home. Unlike air-conditioners, ceiling fans generally don’t cool the space, or air during a room. However, they allow the occupants to feel cool. The air-flow from a well-sized and well-positioned ceiling fan cools the occupants by disrupting the dormant layer of air that occupies the space or space, leading to heat loss. Cooling or heat loss can happen in two forms, first when cool air comes in contact with the skin and lessens heat via convection, and secondly when relatively dry air passes over the skin and reduces heat via sweat evaporation. So, ceiling fans are all about evaporative cooling as they cool the occupants not spaces.Once a lover operates, it moves the nice and cozy air out and circulates the cool air throughout an area or space. As told earlier, fans don't actually cool the space , yet they escalate the method of perspiration evaporation from the skin surface, making the occupants feel cool. Undoubtedly, ceiling fans with high-performance motors and aerodynamically designed blades are the simplest bet for cooling an area or room. Like the Ceiling Fans from Alfa that offer amazing air-delivery, with energy-efficient and almost no-noise operation.

Ceiling fans are typically considered the most affordable and energy-efficient approach to chill any space or room. Not only are


less expensive than air coolers and air-conditioners, but they're also very low on energy consumption. To ensure the optimum air-flow, the fans must be properly maintained by keeping their blades dust-free. Generally, people overlook the importance of keeping fan blades free from dust and dirt, which on accumulation hampers the general performance of the fan. However, it might be imperative to understand that proper ventilation is the key to stay any space fresh and moisture-free. Any space with good ventilation won't get humid, and can also allow the fan to perform better by driving out the stale air and bringing in fresh air to comfort the occupants.

Good Ventilation

A spacious, well-ventilated room or house is marked by its windows, ventilators and doors. In such spaces, fans can perform efficiently by bringing in fresh air while driving out the stale air. They will not only cool the space , but also keep the moisture and humidity in restraint . Almost all sorts of fans can work efficiently in such spaces.

Poor Ventilation

Any cramped room or space, lacking windows or ventilators, is probably going to be quite hot and stuffy, seeing that the scope of air-circulation is minimal in such spaces. In fact, poor ventilation also results in the formation of mold spores in rooms. In the given situation, a ceiling fan won't perform to its optimum level. However, a fan or window fan will work to form the space better.

In a closed space, sort of a room with still air, the cooler air stays at rock bottom , and therefore the warm air rises to the ceiling. This segmentation of air happens thanks to the difference within the densities, and this phenomenon is named stratification. This becomes a drag in winters because the much-needed warm air recedes to the ceiling leaving the space on the brink of the ground cooler. When heating elements are wont to warm the space, it requires more heat generation to achieve the specified comfort for the occupant. A ceiling fan set to reverse or dextrorotation can help with this problem by mixing up the air layers. This mixing up of air layers to prevent stratification is called destratification.

In India, ceiling fans are primarily used to cool down and attain thermal comfort. In addition to cooling down, the downward airflow generated by the ceiling fan mixes the air within the space. Using the fan to combine the air in its usual anticlockwise direction would make the occupant uncomfortable in winter thanks to the wind-chill effect. But if the ceiling fans run in a specific mode at a lower speed the mixing of the air would occur without the downward cooling airflow.

Alfa Fans is India’s one of the best manufacturers of high-flow ceiling fans, with an additional specific mode named ‘reverse’ intended to be used in winter for destratification. On switching the Alfa to reverse rotation mode, the fan rotates at an optimum speed in the clockwise direction mixing the hot air above and cold air below to keep the occupant warm in winter.

Alfa has a series of

domestic fans

ranging from 600 to 1500 mm span size making it appropriate for every room size. Alfa features an innovative blade design technology that provides desired airflow at an optimal speed than other ceiling fans, keeping occupants refreshed without causing health problems such as nasal dryness and muscle stiffness. The unique reverse rotation mode adds another feather to the Alfa ’s crown of flagship features, transforming it into a holistic ceiling fan.

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