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  • August 1, 2019
  • Alfa Fans
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Regulating temperature and air quality in large commercial and industrial spaces can be challenging. Proper ventilation and air flow is essential to help maintain consistent temperatures throughout the space and to keep air fresh for employees and customers. And because these spaces can be expensive and difficult to heat and cool, facilities managers are always on the lookout for technology that can reduce operating costs while improving performance.

Alfa fan's - are commonly used to help cool and ventilate large spaces, but not all fans will stand up to the job or perform effectively. It’s important to choose a fan that was designed for this type of application — and for most locations, the bigger, the better.

4 Reasons Why Big Industrial Ceiling Fans are Better

1. Big Industrial Fans for Big Work Spaces:

Big industrial fans have longer and wider blades so that they can generate larger columns of air that travel farther. This makes big industrial fans perfect for circulating air in big industrial workspaces that have large open areas, like warehouses and hangars.

2. Comfortable in Your Own Skin:

They are also known as propeller fans. Alfa Axial Flow fans system uses blades to generate airflow that is parallel to the shaft through which the blades rotate. It's one of the best product by our company for industrial and commercial ssectors.

3. More Airflow for Your Cash flow:

Big industrial ceiling fans have not only advanced in the way of increasing comfort, big fans have also become a resource for businesses to cut down on energy cost. When you own or manage a large open space facility, you have to constantly evaluate cooling and heating costs against employee comfort and productivity.

4. The Bigger They Are, The Better the Airflow:

Historically, a multitude of small fans have been the main method used to cool large workspaces. However, the invention of big industrial ceiling fans changed that through the efficient and balanced airflow they provide.

The major benefit of using fewer big industrial fans instead of many smaller, faster fans is energy consumption. Because of the large circumference and specially designed air foils, it only takes one big industrial fan to do the job of up to 34 traditional fans. An average ceiling or table top fan spins several times the speed of a big industrial fan, which not only makes the fan noisy, but it also consumes much more energy.


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