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5 Industrial Processes that Use Industrial Centrifugal Fans And Blowers - Alfa Fans
  • May, 2021
  • Alfa Fans
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We all know the uses of domestic type fans and all their uses but ever wondered how an Industrial Process actually uses industrial fans ?? Alfa Fans , being a leading Manufacturer , Wholesaler and Exporter of Industrial Fans wanting to share knowledge about how Industrial Processes that Use Industrial Centrifugal Fans and Blowers , we manufacturer Industrial fans such as Industrial Pedestal Fans , Wall Mount Fans ,

Exhaust Fans

, Tubular Fans , Axial Flow Fans , Man Coolers ,

Centrifugal Blowers

,thought of writing on Industrial Centrifugal Fans because of the most trending topic. The following are top 5 Industrial Processes that Use Industrial Centrifugal Fans And Blowers

Centrifugal fans of varied types are utilized in heat reduction applications in industries, where cold air is blown to chill the economic material. For example, cooling fans are utilized in the cement industry to blow cool air to scale back the temperature of the clinker from high to low temperatures (typically from 1500oC to 100oC). Similarly, heavy duty centrifugal fans find wide selection applications in the glass industry to chill the oven walls and reduce the temperature of glass material. When liquid glass is distributed from the ovens into different moulds, like in bottle production, high fans are installed for mould cooling. Likewise, just in case of preparation of flat glass (used in windows), high volume centrifugal fans with medium pressure are often used for cooling. The common centrifugal fans used as cooling fans are airfoil, backward inclined or high radial fans.

Centrifugal / Radial fans

offer regulated high airflow that's required for several industrial applications and pollution systems.

Centrifugal fans

are constant volume devices and may operate under high sensitive conditions like high or low temperatures, corrosive gases, acidic fumes etc. There are several ways a centrifugal fan is often used as a process fan in industries, like in transporting air/gas, drying, cooling, material handling, air recirculation etc.

Conveying of materials
The type of the

industrial fan

like centrifugal fan required for conveying depends on the density of the fabric to be conveyed in process . Since industrial processes require sort of materials to be handled through different operational procedures, the fan should produce enough air velocity to maneuver the fabric and convey it to the destination point. The typical centrifugal fans utilized in material handling are high radial fans or industrial exhauster paddle wheel fans. If material to be handled or conveyed is light and dry like wood dust, flour etc, they will be conveyed directly through the fan system. However, if bulk powders and other materials like plastic pellets, wood chips, grain, saw dust etc are to be handled and conveyed, it's done indirectly where centrifugal fans with desired airflow are wont to blow the fabric within the needed direction.

Air recirculation

Boilers & burners are used in a variety of industries for producing heat and energy. The process requires a stable and consistent airflow to maintain proper fuel combustion.


in industrial boilers allow fresh air to flow into the system to take care of sufficient oxygen levels for correct fuel combustion. Particularly in the glass and steel industry, centrifugal fans with typically high pressure are used as air recirculating fans to maintain homogeneous temperatures inside the ovens. In power station boilers, forced and induced draft centrifugal fans play important roles where they provide required air for fuel combustion and within the maintenance of furnace temperature.

Dust collection / De-dusting
From small factories to heavy duty industrial applications, centrifugal fans have wide usage in dust collection and dedusting processes. Dedusting requires a broad sort of centrifugal fan type which works on the principles of pressure type system and depression type system. For example, in the wood industry where pressure type systems are required, centrifugal fans with radial blade types often want to move the dust particles directly through the fan. Dedusting process also can be of depression type system where backward inclined, airfoil or flat blade centrifugal fans are mounted on the highest of cyclones within the kiln or within the filtering system to get rid of the airborne particles.

Industrial processes use forced or induced draft centrifugal fans such as airfoil, backward curved, backward inclined, or radial fans to circulate the air needed for controlling the temperature and moisture of materials. When moisture content is to be faraway from the fabric , hot air is forced across it through a lover system. In the cement industry centrifugal fans are wont to dry the clinker during a kiln system. Similarly in the food processing industry, centrifugal dryer fans are usually needed to dry and exhaust the moisture content from the food material before it's sent for packing. These fans find wide usage in the wood and paper industry for drying the fabric in their manufacturing units. In the paper industry, these fans are wont to dry the paper along the method either by exhausting air by creating a depression under paper pulp/paste or by passing the material through a heated oven making it exposed to high temperatures for drying.


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