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Pedestal Fan - Perfect Option for keeping your workspace hygiene
  • May 15, 2020
  • Alfa Fans
  • BLOG

Being compact and portable, Pedestal fan of Alfa Fans can be placed in any corner of the room to give the cooling effect. We have designed Pedestal Fans to provide utmost volume circulation of air. We offer a range of sizes as per customer's requirement, which has helped us to adapt specific grounds in the fan industry .When making a purchase for a pedestal fan, it is important to think carefully about what you want it to do, and where you plan to put it.So, for a smart investment, select this latest technology fan now to keep Your workspace hygiene to fight against COVID-19 Virus.

With low price and simple mechanism, an Pedestal Fan is gradually gaining popularity for its use in Industries.Many big brands are pitching in their best of technologies to make the usage of fans more convenient. And now, with advanced technology, fans are also getting smart and environmentally sustainable too.

5 features to consider when buying a good quality pedestal fan-

1. Portability :-
●  Easy portability is the most significant advantage of a pedestal fan.
●  Being light in weight, they can be moved around effortlessly and be used in any large room.
●  It can further be plugged to any power outlet smoothly and efficiently and take less space while still providing ample airflow.

2. Fan modes :-
●   Checking the fan mode is another aspect that you should consider when pondering of getting a pedestal fan.Ensure the fans have a method which can adjust its blade speed.
●  Nowadays, some fans also come with advanced features like a breeze and sleep mode. These traits simulate a natural breeze which makes them effective

3. Multi-functional :-
●  When purchasing a pedestal fan, make sure it is bundled with multiple features and functions. To start with, it should have a remote control which makes it convenient to control the settings and fan speed from across the room.
●  The modern variants also come with a timer that allows to switch the fan off after a set period
●   Another characteristic to check when purchasing the superior quality pedestal fan is the display that comes with electronic indicators which determine fan settings.

4. Energy Savings :-
●  With the advancement in technology, one major novelty that kept the pedestal fans popular is its energy-saving feature. All such fans require are energy efficient and can help save around 50% on your electricity bills!

5. Size :-
●  Pedestal fans are available on the market in different sizes; Thus picking the right proportion is vital.

The industrial pedestal fans manufactured by Alfa Fan are superior fans for moving large volumes of air and are extremely energy efficient. As a true air circulator specialist, Alfa Fans has developed new technology for its energy efficient pedestal fans and various other fans that allows maximum air circulation at a reduced cost. Our industrial pedestal fans have many unique and/or patented features which make them the most energy efficient, maintenance free, heavy duty air circulators in the industry.


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