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Ventilation System In Poultry Farms Using Industrial Fans

  • January, 2022
  • Alfa Fans
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Good ventilation system is an important factor in raising healthy livestock. Fresh and cool air maintains the required ambient temperature and humidity on the farm, which has a positive impact on the health of livestock, especially chickens. Excessive heat conditions disrupt the metabolism of chickens, reducing the ability to hatch eggs. High temperatures make them susceptible to disease and increase mortality. For ventilating poultry farms, a circulating fan to cool the space is a great choice. These help you maintain a healthy environment on the farm premises to raise healthy chickens. The operating principle of the poultry farm is based on the negative pressure ventilation mechanism. Ventilated air removes excess heat, moisture, dust, and odors from the building while diluting airborne disease-causing organisms. A well-designed winter system also saves energy by using the heat generated by the birds. Adequate ventilation for poultry can be achieved by using fans, vents and thermostats or timers to bring in the fresh air and remove stagnant air. However, it is a challenge as poultry houses are different and ventilation requirements vary with time of day, season, temperature, humidity, wind, age and density of birds. This article discusses the general types and ventilation needs of poultry houses.

Majorly there are two principles of ventilation in poultry production: natural and mechanical.

Natural ventilation

One of the advantages of natural ventilation is the low investment due to the high use of natural resources and the simple installation. Natural ventilation is based on the stack effect. Hot air rises and disappears through an opening in the roof ("chimney"). This creates a slight negative pressure in the barn and fresh air is drawn in through the side doors (those with shutters or curtains closed or open). However, systems based on natural ventilation have become less popular due to limitations of manual control and limited capacity.

Mechanical Ventilation

The required air trade or temperature extrude isn't continually enough with herbal airflow. This may be regulated a lot extra correctly and without difficulty with the assistance of mechanical airflow.

Poultry Fans

offer a lot of extra facts about the quantity of displaced air. With mechanical air flow, the air may be extracted with the aid of fanatics, blown in, or a mixture of each. In this case, we talk of airflow on the poor strain, high-quality strain or identical strain.

Mechanical air flow for hen barns is to be had in several forms. Below is a short description of a few not unusual place structures: ridge ventilation, length ventilation, tunnel ventilation and cross ventilation. Combinations of these systems are also possible, such as length and ridge ventilation, or length and tunnel ventilation.

1). Ridge Airflow

With ridge airflow, the fanatics are set up in ducts that can be positioned withinside the ridge of the roof. The air inlets are then integrated withinside the facet walls. Ridge airflow is normally simplest used for minimal airflow.

2). Length Airflow

With period airflow, the fanatics are ultimately the wall and the air inlets withinside the facet walls. In addition to growing or reducing the velocity of fanatics and starting or ultimately the air inlets, an extensive variety of air trade is feasible.

3). Tunnel Airflow

For most airflow, tunnel airflow is regularly used in which the inlets are set up ultimately as a façade and the fanatics withinside the contrary give up façade. This makes it possible to blow the air thru the residence at excessive velocity throughout particularly warm days. The excessive velocity affords a wind relax effect, which offers the chickens a pleasant-feeling temperature.

4). Cross Ventilation

For pass airflow, the fanatics are positioned in a facet wall. The inlets are located on the side of the contrary facet wall. Because the gap from inlet to fan is short, it becomes feasible to trade the air in a residence at a completely low velocity. This device is appropriate for transferring a bit and plenty of air.

Selection of Poultry Fans

When selecting the type of fan for poultry house, i.e. the "hardware" of the ventilation system, it is important to consider the following:

  1. Fan durability and reliability
  2. Suitability for intensive use
  3. Control ability
  4. Resistance to extreme conditions
  5. Low maintenance costs.
  6. High-energy efficiency.

Requirements For Efficient Ventilation Installation

  1. The system design takes into account the severe climatic conditions of the region.
  2. Follow design and specifications when installing vents.
  3. To balance the system, the house must be full of birds up to the design capacity.
  4. Structural insulation should be based on the intended use and local weather conditions.
  5. Insulation must be of the correct type and installed to protect against rapid deterioration.
  6. Regularly clean the ventilation system and adjust it according to the season.
  7. Provides additional heating and cooling in extreme weather conditions.
  8. All equipment (fans and controllers) must be serviced periodically and kept in good condition.
  9. Ensure proper poultry management, building and ventilation systems.
  10. Adequate alarm systems and/or backup power generation equipment should be in place in the event of a power failure.

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