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What and Why an Exhaust Fan should be used?

Types of Exhaust Fan:

  • MAR 03, 2020
  • Alfa Fans
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Heavy Duty Exhaust Fans

Exhaust fans keep the moisture away and get that air flowing. For spaces that are always fresh and alive. Air is the most important element for sustaining life. Therefore, if the air we are breathing goes stale or has a bad odour it might have a detrimental effect on our health. Therefore, proper air circulation is one of the most important ways of ensuring our good health. Proper ventilation will ensure that the air we are breathing is constantly renewed and free of bad odour and other unsafe gases. With this robust exhaust system from Alfa Fans you can finally ensure a proper ventilation system for your industrial use.

Designed specifically for the purpose, the motor has prelubricated double ball bearings and noiseless operation to continue its work without being noticed. & maintenance free design. Elegant design together with best performance and maintenance free design is the main goal of Alfa Fans. Alfa’s Exhaust Fans are the premium choice for industrial use because they have an enclosed heavy duty motor, with die cast aluminium rotor mounted on 2 ball bearings.

Special features:-
●  Enclosed highly efficient heavy duty motor with pressure die cast aluminium rotor mounted on two ball bearings.
●   Aerodynamically contoured handle maximum air with minimum power consumption.
●  Rigid frame with rubber mounting for silent operation.
●  Epoxy powder coating with specially pretreated components for better resistance to corrosion and acid alkali fumes.

Exhaust Fans with Cover

Exhaust fans are an essential part of every household as we use them in our kitchens to dispel fumes and heat outside. Alfa’s Exhaust Fan with Cover is a great combination of sturdiness and powerful performance. This exhaust fan has a dual ball bearing system with a heavy duty motor that provides high performance and lets it quickly and efficiently suck out heat and hot air from your kitchen and dispel it outside. Its robust build keeps it functioning flawlessly for a long time and it is also easy to clean. These exhaust fans can be bolted directly to the wall. Alfa’s exhaust fans are designed for low-pressure exhausting and cooling applications to provide optimum performance.The cover is a protection guard not letting any bird to get in or get hurt or stuck. With an energy efficient motor and dynamically balanced impellers gives it a smooth & vibration-free operation.
Exhaust fan with a cover is a useful appliance in your home or industrial spaces with high efficiency and durability. It has a bird guard feature that comes in handy to keep birds from entering your house when the fan is non- operational. This kind of exhaust fan works on 70W of power and is economical to run the entire day without incurring high energy costs. With its robust performance and the reasonable price it is available at, this exhaust fan is a good addition to your kitchen or other rooms or industrial spaces that need ventilation.

Special features:-
●  Aerodynamically Designed and Balanced Blade
●   Excellent Air-Flow Rate
●  Sturdy steel cover with specially designed metal blade

FlameProof Exhaust Fans

Flameproof Exhaust Fan has wide application at flammable areas & hazardous zones where security is given first priority from hazardous gases and Alfa Fans have a variety of flame proof exhausts.
Flame proof exhaust fans help remove fumes, dust, smoke or steam from poorly ventilated areas.
Six powerful blades are powered by an explosion proof motor to handle environments . Exhaust fans have a totally enclosed cooled motor.
Our Flameproof Fans are corrosion resistant, weather proof, fire-proof and are durable for long period of time. They require low maintenance and they are easy to install, clean or move. These fans are made available immediately, across the nation through our extensive network and at highly affordable costs.. Using quality assured components and sophisticated techniques, this fan is manufactured by our experienced professionals at our production unit. We have been able to garner wide accolades from our clients for offering a top-of-the-line gamut of Flameproof Exhaust Fan. This fan is manufactured in adherence to set industry standards using superior quality components and innovative techniques. Our clients can avail this fan in numerous models according to their demands. Well known for its sturdy construction and high speed airflow this fan is used in various industries.

Special features:-
●  Energy efficient motor
●   Dynamically balanced impellers for smooth & vibration - free operation
●  Turbo profile blades for higher air delivery

This is certify That Exhaust fans for our Boiler & Burner area supplied by Alfa Fans Mumbai is commissioned & performing satisfactorily.

-Bhushan Steel


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