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Why is it necessary to install an industrial fan?

  • April,15 2020
  • Alfa Fans
  • BLOG

Industrial fans are of large varieties and have many uses. Most commonly they are put to regulate the temperature of the ambient environment, or to help hard working equipment stay cool and maintain optimal productivity.

It is very important that they are clean and free to operate with no impediment.

When the systems turn dirty, grimy, or clogged, they can become counter productive or even dangerous. Many times fires have started because of clogged fans. This is not a situation that anyone wants.. So, the best way is to keep cleaning the industrial fan from time to time. Industrial fans are absolutely essential for the health and safety of employees in some workplaces

Factories get hot and smelly and need industrial fans for proper ventilation. The industrial fans keep the air cool and help disperse any odor.

Most importantly the industrial fans remove harmful materials from the air, like chemicals, bacteria, gasses, dust, and other debris particles. Businesses revolving around medical health, chemicals, mining, agriculture, food processing, and automotive construction or repair need industrial fans to ensure their employees as well as the unit’s safety

What Happens When an Industrial Fan Stops Working?

If the industrial fan isn’t working and it isn’t sucking the harmful contaminants out of the air. That means your workplace is not a safe environment anymore.

But an industrial fan doesn’t have to break completely to make your workplace hazardous. A fan that has started to slow down and isn’t functioning the way it should and isn't cleaning the air as quickly or thoroughly as before then is equally hazardous.

At first you may not notice when your industrial fan starts to slow down because the slow down could be very gradual. As soon as you feel that the fan might not be running smoothly, you should call a professional to get your fan repaired.

Most workplaces cannot function without industrial fans for very long. Working without a fan could result in serious problems.

What Makes an Industrial Fan Break?

Overtime residue could build up inside the fan, which makes it slow and eventually stop if left unaddressed. Something inside the fan could have broken from the main functioning socket. If you have problems with your fan soon after it’s been installed, it may be malfunctioning because it was installed incorrectly

There are a few ways to recognize problems with your industrial fans. If you notice the following then there is a problem:
●  Poor air performance
●  Loud noise
●  Shaking or vibrating (you may only hear a vibrating sound)
●  Sounds like grinding or metal scraping against metal
●  System overheating
If you notice any of these signs, something isn’t working quite right inside your fan.

When your fan shows any of those symptoms, you don’t have any other choice but to repair it immediately.

How to Prevent Industrial Fan Issues

This all comes down to good installation and proper maintenance. If either of these is messed up or ignored, you’ll end up with fans that don’t last.

Getting it installed the right way

Make sure the person installing your industrial fans knows what they’re doing. This part could be hard to control, but you can start by finding a reputable company to handle the process.

Look for their reviews and, if possible, ask past clients how their industrial fans have worked and held up. The company may provide a reference list if you ask for one. Spend time talking to different companies before you make your final choice so you pick one that will fit your needs and get the job done well.


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