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Air Circulator widely used Fans in industry
  • July 19, 2019
  • Alfa Fans
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" An air circulator is basically a fan. Although the term “air circulator” most often refers to an industrial fan that is used in a warehouse, factory, or office building, it can also refer to a regular household fan. Air circulators also refer to air conditioning units and other types of air cooling devices.”

ALFA FAN’s air circulatory fans are designed to offer optimum airflow and performance. Specifically designed fan blades can ventilate large spaces while meeting specific cooling needs. Along with offering ideal air distribution, it is ergonomically designed to offer optimal protection when mounted in the ideal location.

The Air Circulator Pedestal offers heavy duty construction to withstand continuous operation. The fans are manufactured according to the Industrial And Government Standards our Air Circulators are specially designed to throw air at about a length of 10 meters . The aerodynamically designed blades ensure higher air delivery and minimum noise level. The sturdy guards with powder coating ensure corrosion resistance as per safety standards.

ALFA FANS is Pioneer in making air Circulator from over years , ALFA FANS is trusted for excellence in Air Technology. Their Engineering excellence is combined with strict quality control and round the clock performance has made ALFA FANS Air Circulator widely used Fans in today's commercial Set- up. Factory, workshop, assembly shop, Go downs etc are some of the Areas where Air Circulators are widely used. Their commitment to quality at economical Rates has made millions of Industries to provide comfortable environment to their Employees.

Variety of air circulatory by ALFA FANS.

1. Close mesh wall mount fans

2. Close mesh pedestal fans.


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