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Industrial Fans Market Size, Growth, Trends Till 2031 | Alfa Fans

  • August, 2022
  • Alfa Fans
  • BLOG

Industrial Fans Market to Witness a CAGR of Around 7%

According to the latest research, the industrial fans market is about to witness steady growth during 2021-2031.

Demand for industrial fans

will witness growth in coming years, due to an increase in the number of new small and large industries in developing countries.

What is Driving Demand for Industrial Fans?
Evolving end-user demand for

heavy duty ventilated fans

, heavy machine cooling fans to avoid damage to industrial machines and other applications are driving the economic fans demand. The growing work related health issues like pneumoconiosis and other lung diseases which are caused thanks to the presence of an excessive amount of dust and other pollutants in industries are affecting the worker’s health. This has raised concerns for factory owners to guard their workers and make their factories safer.These factors support the expansion of the industrial fans market due to their ability to exhaust dust particles and clean the environment.

Covid-19 Affected the worldwide Industrial Fans Sales

Manufacturing industries are badly affected globally as most of the industries were put on hold to break the chain of covid 19 virus. This has impacted the market growth of

industrial fans

, as the market of industrial fans is completely dependent on industries. Aside from this, few ongoing small and large industries projects were shut down, thanks to lack of investors and financial crisis.

Additionally, industrial fan manufacturing companies also faced issues in obtaining raw materials like motors, blades, capacitors and other parts, as most of those parts are manufactured in Asia Pacific countries. Industrial fans manufacturers also started looking to accumulate local raw material companies to maintain the demand and supply.

Asia Pacific Industrial Fans Market Outlook
Asia Pacific is the leading market for industrial fans globally. Asia Pacific accounts for quite 20% share of the global industrial fans market. The demand in Asia Pacific is predicted to grow at a rapid pace in the forecasted period (2021 – 2031), because the number of activities is increasing in the end use industry.
China dominates the market of industrial fans in Asia Pacific. The continuously growing Chinese industry thanks to cheap labor cost, availability of advanced technology and straightforward availability of labor compared to other countries has supported the growth of the Chinese market. As an example , as per the report of the United Nation statistics division,China accounted for 28.7% percent of worldwide industrial output in 2019 followed by the United States and Japan.
Apart from China, developing countries like India, Vietnam, and Thailand have seen a rise in investment in industrial projects from foreign company.This has upscaled the demand for industrial fans in the Asia Pacific Region. As an example , a Chinese mobile manufacturing company has planned to expand its manufacturing capabilities in India with two new smartphone manufacturing plants, and one dedicated entirely for its smart TV division. The corporation has partnered with DBG to start a smartphone manufacturing plant in Haryana, while BYD is fixing another in Tamil Nadu and this project will support the increasing growth of industrial fans in the Asia Pacific region.

Europe Demand Outlook for Industrial Fans

Europe holds the second largest share of the economic fans market followed by North America. With the growing biomedical industries in Europe thanks to covid 19 pandemic, small and medium industries have grown up to maintained the demand for medical equipment like masks, sanitizer and nebulizers, this supports the market growth of industrial fans in Europe as industrial fans plays a huge role in health product manufacturing companies.

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