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Modern developments of high-performance industrial fans

  • August, 2022
  • Alfa Fans
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centrifugal and axial fans

were developed on the idea of domestic and foreign experience. Highly efficient centrifugal and axial fans of various aerodynamic schemes for different practical applications were designed on the basis of those fans. Optimal technological solutions allowed to master the serial production of the developed fan in a short time. Realized technical decisions will allow to scale back energy consumption of ventilation systems of modern buildings and structures.

The main directions of the development of general industrial fans are:

  • increase in energy efficiency,
  • expansion of the working area for air flow rates at specified dimensions and speeds,
  • noise reduction,
  • optimization of design performance in accordance with classes of tasks to be solved

  • The most significant fact is that, firstly, fan science has been developing for an extended time and high levels of efficiency have been achieved (up to 92%),therefore, every step in its development requires more and more effort. Secondly, today the event is, as a rule, at the junction of directions, when it's necessary, for instance , not only to scale back the power consumption of the fan, but also to scale back its noise. Or increase the pressure of the fan while increasing the temperature of the pumped medium. One can cite other samples of concrete tasks at the junction of two or three different branches of science. We attempt to be at the level of modern requirements and we are engaged in research, development and practical implementation of the latest promising technical solutions in the field of ventilation equipment. During this article, we'll offer several technical solutions for radial and axial general industrial fans from the spectrum of problems we solve.

    Centrifugal fans :

    The last 20 years, the event of fans with the aerodynamic "free fan" principle has been developing. This principle is predicated on a scheme of a radial fan with backward curved blades and an inlet cone on the frame, without a housing. The fans are often located either directly on the shaft of the electric motor or connected to it via a pulley-belt transmission. It should be noted that this scheme has been used for an extended time, for instance , in roof fans. Today - this is often one of the most used schemes in supply and exhaust systems.

    The outlet of the fan occurs in the volume of the casing of sufficiently large dimensions and therefore the velocity head is lost, the fan operation is estimated on the basis of static parameters. In accordance with modern energy saving trends, research and development work is conducted within the direction of increasing the static efficiency of such fans by optimizing their geometry.

    Currently the upper limit of the capabilities of such an aerodynamic scheme appears to be reached. the matter solving has an optimum: to increase the static efficiency of the fan, it's necessary to reduce the angle of the blades at the outlet, however, so as to increase the flow and pressure coefficients it is necessary to increase the angle of installation of the blades at the fan outlet and its width. a variety of other factors are also of influence. Obviously, further improvement of the "free fan" scheme will be very difficult and should prove to be economically unjustified, since it'll not be possible to completely get rid of the lost dynamic pressure at the outlet of the free fan.

    Regarding the fashionable fans with backward curved blades,these fans were designed, according to the aerodynamic scheme of the fan "free fan", for application in supply and exhaust systems. In our country schemes like "free fan" began to be used in the early 2000s. At the identical time, the foremost popular were centrifugal fans with backward curved blades having a flat front disc of an enlarged diameter (in comparison with the blades) with a smooth turning radius at the fan inlet.

    In this article, we would like to demonstrate the basics of aerodynamics of the best foreign and

    domestic centrifugal fans

    with backward curved blades. This to spot opportunities, generalize their advantages and minimize shortcomings. Our experiments showed the dependence of the aerodynamic performance and efficiency on the width of the fan , with other geometric parameters of the fan also affecting its efficiency, but the most effect is on the width. because the width of the fan increases, the flow in it loses stability. There's a flow separation near the front disc, which results in a decrease in the aerodynamic parameters and efficiency, volume flow growth is disproportionate to the width of the fan. The simplest fans with a flat front disc have optimum performance at widths of about of the diameter of the blade system. For smaller widths, efficiency also falls off rather quickly, which is already related to a suboptimal relationship between the inlet diameter and the width of the fan.

    Tubular fans

    For practical applications of considerable interest are radial ducted direct flow fans with a cylindrical casing . In our country, fans of this type started to be studied in the fifties , but unlike at the foreign market where they were widely spread are called "tubular fans", they have not yet been applied. These fans are close to fans with a volute casing, but smaller in size, having a larger static pressure part in total pressure, higher static efficiency, straight direction of flow, which in some cases simplifies the connection of the fan with the network with lower noise levels. Such fans can successfully replace corresponding fans with a volute casing. The fan can be centrifugal, centrifugal with profile blades, mixed flow, or mixed flow with profile blades. At the same time, the centrifugal fan with backward curved blades is characterized by higher pressures than the mixed flow fan, but the use of a mixed flow fan makes it possible to expand the performance zone (with other things being equal). The possibility of changing the width of the centrifugal fan in a large range allows you to combine the advantages of mixed flow and

    centrifugal fans


    Thus, the new centrifugal fan has allowed to a significant extent, to unify the technology and design of several

    types of centrifugal fans

    , and to obtain new high-efficiency low-noise general industrial fans for modern ventilation systems of energy-efficient buildings, structures and technologies.

    India has the technology to create industrial fans with aerodynamic designs. Alfa Fan's Industrial Blowers are also well-known in this industry, where they create the best-customized version to fulfill unique requirements. When you work with Alfa fans, the

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