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Government of India Guidelines on industrial ventilation and temperature

  • May, 2022
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Ventilation and temperature:
Effective and suitable provisions shall be made in every factory for securing and maintaining in every workroom -

  • Adequate ventilation by the circulation of fresh air, and
  • Such a temperature as will secure to workers therein reasonable conditions of comfort and prevent injury to health and in particular,
  • Walls and roofs shall be of such material and so designed that such temperature shall not be exceeded but kept as low as practicable;
  • Where the nature of the work carried on in the factories involves, or is likely to involve, the production of excessively high temperatures, such adequate measures as are practicable shall be taken to protect the workers therefrom, by separating the process, which produces such temperatures from the workroom, by insulating the hot parts or by other effective means.

The State Government may prescribe a standard of adequate ventilation and reasonable temperature for any factory or class or description of factories or parts thereof and direct that proper measuring instruments, at such places and in such position as may be specified, shall be provided and such records, as may be prescribed, shall be maintained.

If it appears to the Chief Inspector that excessively high temperatures in any factory can be reduced by the adoption of suitable measures, he may, without prejudice to the rules made under sub-section, serve on the occupier, an order in writing specifying the measures which,in his opinion,should be adopted, and requiring them to be carried out before a specified date.

In many ways, an industrial fan differs from a general-purpose fan. A general-purpose fan is used for domestic and light commercial purposes. An industrial fan is a device that provides a large flow of air or gas to various industrial processes in a variety of industries.
Alfa fans - industrial fans are made of heavier duty materials and components to last longer, provide more air flow and pressure, and meet more stringent environmental and ambient requirements.

Alfa Fans is a leading

Manufacturer of Industrial Fans


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, and

Exporter of Industrial Fans

, including Industrial Pedestal Fans, Wall Mount Fans, Exhaust Fans, Tubular Fans, Axial Flow Fans, Man Coolers, Centrifugal Blowers, and Close Mesh Air Circulators Fans. Alfa Fans are available in a variety of styles.


The Centrifugal Fan

Centrifugal fans, also known as blowers, are excellent for high-pressure applications. They have several advantages in terms of energy efficiency, durability, low maintenance, versatility in handling various types of air and pressures, and they are available in a variety of sizes.

2. Fans with Axial Flow:
They are also referred to as propeller fans. The Alfa Axial Flow fans system generates airflow parallel to the shaft through which the blades rotate. It is one of our company's best products for the industrial and commercial sectors.


Air circulation systems

One way we can make our lives a little safer is to use industrial air circulators. Although there has been an increase in concern about indoor air quality in our homes, one-third of our day is spent at work, and 90% of working environments are indoors. Some working environments can be hazardous to one's health due to heat stress and indoor air pollution, but using industrial air circulators is a simple and low-cost way to keep a healthy workplace.

4. Man Coolers:
Alfa Fans designed Man Coolers to provide maximum volume air circulation, resulting in positive feedback from our valued clients. We offer a variety of sizes based on the needs of our customers, which has allowed us to adapt to specific grounds in the fan industry.


Exhaust Fans

Alfa's heavy duty exhaust fans are designed and manufactured with high quality materials, making them useful in the industrial, commercial, and residential sectors. Our R&D team created this for the best output results from our product, whether clockwise or anti-clockwise. Exhaust fans with covers and flame proof exhaust fans are available from Alfa fans.


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