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Tube Axial Fan: Components, Advantages & Industrial Applications

  • April, 2022
  • Alfa Fans
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Axial Fans

are one of the common types of industrial fans used at the moment. These Fans are used for applications that demand a larger inflow rate at small pressure gain. Over the times, various types of axial fans or axial inflow fans have gained popularity.

Tube axial fans

are one of them. These fans are currently used in a wide range of operations from drying to cooling to ventilation and air force for any machine or industrial process. Owing to the distinct advantages gained from their typical construction, these fans have gained immense traction. This post discusses everything you may want to know about these fans.

What's a Tube Axial Fan?
A tube axial fan is a type of industrial comprising a fragment type of wheel or a propeller, which is contained within a spherical tube-like structure. This fan is analogous to a vane axial addict, another popular axial inflow fanvariant, with the only difference that it has no uncurling companion vanes. The propellers are organized similarly so that there's a small gap between the casing and blade, which helps improve the fan effectiveness.

Factors of Tube Axial Fan

There's a detailed explanation of a many important factors of tube axial fans


These fans are fitted with propellers made of cast aluminum or heavy- duty steel. Occasionally propellers are also made of stainless steel. All these materials can repel high temperatures, which makes them a suitable choice for a propeller. The propeller features a hub to which the blades are welded. These blades are welded precisely at angles ranging from 30 ° to 50 °. Some manufacturers also give customization choices when it comes to angles. Generally, propellers are balanced statically to insure their smooth operation.

Fan Housing

The housing is the structure that hosts the impeller. It also serves as the welded base of the machine, which supports the axial flow. Among colorful factors, the performance of the tube fans depends on the design of the impeller and the shape of the casing.


These fans may be equipped with ball comportments or comber type comportments.


A variety of single to three- phase motors are used in these axial fans.

Examination Door

As the name suggests, this is a small door present on the case; it's useful for examinations, and is substantially used during conservation operations.

Belt or Pulleys

They play a crucial part in the function of belt- driven fans. The belts are generally chosen grounded on factors similar as the asked performance of the fanor number of machine revolutions.

Direct or Belt Driven

Generally, the tube axial fans are belt driven or directly connected to the motor. When belt driven, the propeller is deposited on a separate fan shaft and connected to the motor, which runs it through sheaves and belts.However, you'll see the impeller placed on the shaft of the motor, If motor driven. Axial inflow fans of this type are ideal for operations that demand large air inflow at low pressures.

Numerous manufacturers offer these fans in all sword or aluminum construction.

Types of Tube Axial fans

As said ahead, there are two types of tube axial fans– direct drive tube axial fan and belt driven tube axial addict.

Direct Drive TubeAxial fans

Direct drive tube axial fans are ideal for operations where effectiveness and quietness are needed. These fans are equipped with perfection designed and directly balanced aluminum, spark propellers, which can fluently move air laden with colors and condensable smothers. Direct drive tube axial fans are used for heat control process, bank or heat junking, general ventilation as well as process ventilation purposes. The tube axial fans of this type bear lower conservation than belt driven bones.

Belt Driven Tube Axial fans

As the name suggests, these industrial tube axial fans feature belt drive, which ventilates the propeller from outside the addict. These fans are regularly used for general and industrial ventilation operations where they're used to remove polluted air aqueducts or humidity-laden air aqueducts.

Performance Characteristics of Tube Axial fans

Tube axial fans have typical performance characteristics due to their propellers and fandesigns.

  • The fansparade high tailwind effectiveness up to 65.
  • Owing to their durable construction, these fans can repel 4"water pressure hands.
  • Generally made of durable materials, these fans can fluently repel up to 600 degrees Fahrenheit.

  • Advantages of Using Tube Axial fans

    Tube fans are preferred over the other axial inflow fansowing to the following advantages that they offer

  • These industrial fans

    are frequently made of accouterments that can repel bruises, high temperatures, erosion, explosive vapors, and so on.
  • Most tube axial fans have spark resistant construction.
  • Their strong construction allows them to process high power and pets compared to centrifugal fans and regular panel suckers.
  • Tube axial fans are known for their better pressure characteristics than regular panel fans.
  • They're designed for ducted operations, so are also known as duct fans.
  • Belt driven tube axial fans direct drive tube axial fans offer the inflexibility of positioning.
  • You can fluently alter their pressure and tailwind characteristics by taking advantage of positioning inflexibility. Resemblant positioning enables better tailwind and series positioning helps optimize their pressure characteristics.
  • Using propellers with a large hub-to-tip rate helps alter its speed to press characteristics. For example, using the fan with a large hub-to-tip portion can be made to work at a particular speed against a specific pressure. Also, it can be made to work at low speed against a specific pressure.

  • Application Of Tube Axial fans

    Tube axial fans are used across diligence and the following are a many common ones

  • Aeration
  • Air makeup
  • Paint spray booth exhaust
  • Fume exhaust
  • Cooling electric outfit or sensitive factors
  • Machine room, process, and general ventilation
  • Steam exhaust
  • Glass drying and glass tempering
  • Drying corridor
  • Drying grains
  • Sucking air from polluted air aqueducts
  • Marine services

  • Like any other industrial cooling fans, it is important to source these tube axial fans from trusted manufacturers. Owing to their widespread use, these fans are sold by several brands and Alfa Fans stands tall among them. The company is one of the leading manufacturers of a variety of

    industrial fans in India

    . They provide the fans in custom configurations to suit your application requirements.

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