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Industrial Fan Application in 3 Top Industries

  • March, 2022
  • Alfa Fans
  • BLOG

Industrial fans

applications are industrial units required to blow air through heavy-machinery parts and building or structure facilities. Industrial Fans are commonly utilized in industrial segments that need ventilation, exhaust clearing, drying, and cooling. For example, Heavy-machinery industries like cement, glass, construction, paper pulp, textile, etc., use fans at their manufacturing units.

Industrial fans are designated to operate at high temperatures , with corrosive gasses, acidic fumes, and built-in air pressure. Blower fans ensure proper ventilation as it regulates hot air generated by heavy machinery.

As an experienced

centrifugal fan manufacturer in India

, we've encountered various industries requiring industrial and blower fans. We have listed down the top 3 industries where industrial fans are used.

1. Industrial Fans Application in Telecom Industry:

Today, most enterprises invest in strong telecommunication networks. These networks use various types of telecommunication devices like video, voice, and networking devices that want to meet high performance communication and data transfer requirements. These devices are subjected to high temperatures, and without sufficient airflow, the electronic components in these devices will overheat and fail shortly. Hence, cooling them is an essential task. However, choosing fans for these devices might not be easy because you would like to think about parameters like vibration, electromagnetic interference, and so on.

Industrial Fans Used:
Axial Fans :

Axial fans

work exceptionally under spacious temperature ranges. The unique blade designs avoid back pressure, air drag, and a number of other other mishaps.
Centrifugal Fans :

Centrifugal fans

are commonly utilized in high-temperature settings. They are majorly utilized in switches within the telecom industry.

Tips to Choose Fans for Your Telecom Industry Applications

Choosing fans for telecom devices is often a tedious task thanks to different parameters involved. However, the subsequent factors are going to be helpful and aid in your selection.

Understand the Difference Between Fans:

Our collection comprises axial telecom fans and centrifugal fans. Axial fans are equipped with a propeller and that they absorb and discharge the air within the same direction. Against these, centrifugal fans are equipped with a wheel that absorbs air and releases it at 90 degrees.

Total Airflow:

This is the capacity of the fan to maneuver air per minute and is rated in cubic feet of air per minute (CFM).

Operating Temperatures:

Whether used as rack server fans, server fans, or data center cooling fans, these fans are revealed to certain thermal conditions. The operating temperatures of those devices may vary to support the encompassing air temperature or thermal energy produced by devices operational . Thus, it's important to deal with these changes before choosing your fan. Our axial telecom fans are designed to work in temperature ranges between -20° C and +70° C.

Benefits of Choosing Alfa Fan Cooling Fans for Your Telecom Industry Applications

The following are a couple of among several benefits of shopping for cooling fans from Alfa Fan for your telecom industry applications.

  • The speed of our cooling fans are often adjusted to satisfy the thermal requirements of your applications.
  • Axial fans offer effective cooling solutions for applications where noise is often an excellent concern. Low noise also helps reduce vibrations.
  • Motors integrated into these fans put up with their durability and high performance.

  • 2. Industrial Fans Application in Petrochemical Industry:

    Industrial fans play a big role within the petrochemical industry. Petrochemical processes like petroleum refining and converting petroleum into gasoline, kerosene, diesel, and jet fuel. Blower fans are required in three essential petrochemical processes. They are: Sulfur Recovery, Thermal Oxidation, and Carbon Black transportation.

    During Sulfur Recovery, blower fans crush combustion air that feeds into a burner, which then feeds into a reaction furnace.

    Blower fans play an essential part in Thermal Incineration or Oxidation. The sulfur recovery units clean the H2S gas before being emancipated into the atmosphere. Blower fans enhance the process, helping the gas be cleaned even better. Blower airflow carries the carbon particulate and exhaust gasses through quench towers and bag filters.

    3. Industrial Fans for Mining:

    Mine ventilation is an integral part of the mining industry. Industrial fans in Mining are wont to supply sufficient oxygen for the workforce and exhaust harmful gasses. Improper ventilation within the underground mine may result in serious health issues for the manual workforce. It also can lessen manpower efficiency and increase the probabilities of accidents. Therefore, industrial fans for Mining are considered essential cautionary machinery governed by strict laws in several countries.Non-sparking below-ground applications use both axial and centrifugal designs for ventilation and safety exhaust-and-supply systems. Processing and crushing of coal often happen at the facility plant or mill where the coal is going to be used as fuel. Primary air fans hand over pulverized coal from crushing mills to burners. These are high-pressure, high-efficiency fans that both convey the coal and supply combustion air for the boiler. Fans utilized in conveying and mud collection systems for coal operations should be both spark-proof and abrasion-resistant.

    Our high-quality fans and industrial blowers are the trusted choice during a number of key vertical markets, while also covering a good spectrum of specific requirements for a spread of niche businesses.

    Industrial Fans used in Mining :
    – Auxiliary Fans
    – Main Mine Ventilation Fans
    – Mine Ventilation Booster Fans

    At Alfa Fan, we've reviewed and supply several blowers and industrial fans for industrial applications. As an expert industrial fan manufacturer in India, we will cater to your specific blower fan needs.

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