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Cooling Systems for Medical Industry - Using Industrial Fans

  • March, 2022
  • Alfa Fans
  • BLOG

Medical room facilities are sensitive and thus require special devices. Air conditioning and ventilation are one of the most important requirements for medical facilities. This is because specific thermal conditions need to be maintained across the hospital. Therefore, HVAC management for facility managers will be a hard task. Patients' sensitive health investigation and cooling and reduction of power consumption on ventilation systems will be a complex task to perform. Therefore, HVAC system selection and integrated products selection such as

industrial fans and blowers

will be a hectic process. It is crucial to take into account some factors to make an appropriate HVAC selection. Do you know medical HVAC selection pointers? In case you are not aware of it, this blog post is for you. This blog describes the importance of the cooling system in medical facilities, their applications, and selection criteria.

Significance of Selecting Correct Cooling Systems for Medical Facilities

As we are all aware of it, in medical facilities, the performance of medical devices is of utmost importance. Sudden problems or performance failure of present medical equipment can have a fatal impact on the patient’s health. This type of malfunction can be brought by several factors such as non-functional parts, or the operating environment of the device, or sudden temperature rise in the environment. Majority of electro-medical devices have temperature limitations. Beyond a certain limit, a rise in temperature can cause electronic damage inside a medical device, which can have a severe impact on healthcare procedures. Additionally, some medical facilities demand a specific temperature range in the surroundings for error-free function. For example, the operating temperature at MRI rooms must be maintained at 17°C to 21°C. In certain device maintenance and surrounding temperature control conditions, the medical HVAC system becomes highly significant.

Implementation of HVAC products like

industrial blower fans,

exhaust fans

, etc makes the cooling system more meaningful. Due to the number of applications increasing and the complexity of sensitive medical applications adding up to the HVAC system, it becomes even more important to select appropriate cooling systems. HVAC products offer different functions at different conditions, therefore, one product may not be suitable for all applications. For example,

axial fans

are used for respiratory care applications and

industrial exhaust fans

can be used for medical room filtration. Therefore, the cooling fan selection for medical equipment becomes a difficult task.

Applications of HVAC-products in Medical Facilities

Below we have discussed the

applications of industrial fans

as per specific applications based on the type of industrial blower fans.
  • Applications of AC Blowers/Fans in Medical Facility: Mainly AC blowers are used for temperature maintenance in enclosed medical devices. MRI rooms, radiography machines, computed tomography (CT) setups, etc are sensitive to high temperatures. Thus, these medical facilities are integrated with heat exchanger/exhaust units. AC blower fans are also employed as heat exchanging devices in medical facilities for device temperature management.
  • Applications of DC Blowers/Fans in Medical Facility: DC axial fans or DC blowers find various applications in medical facilities. Some of them are listed below.
  • Ventilation and Respiratory Care: Due to minimum-noise operation and consistent airflow or pressure abilities, Centrifugal blowers are used in medical ventilation and respiratory care units.
  • Endo-surgery and Electrosurgical Generators: These devices require compact fans with speed variation/regulation properties. Therefore, circulator fans or DC blowers are integrated with tachometer or pulse width modulation (PWM) devices.
  • As we have discussed the significant applications of the medical HVAC system, let us move forward to the selection criteria of the appropriate medical HVAC system.

    Consideration Factors for Selecting Medical Industry Cooling System

    The following factors are important while considering selection of an appropriate cooling system for a medical facility.

  • Application Requirements: As the different applications of various types of industrial axial fans and blowers have been discussed, this becomes a primary consideration of HVAC product selection. In a medical facility, the desired output can be thought of as heat exhaust, temperature maintenance, dust-free air conditioning, air humidity control, device-damage prevention due to heat, etc. All this industrial fan must be chosen according to the specific application and the desired output.
  • Operational Parameters: Operational parameters for instance like power consumption, maintenance, operating staff requirement, etc should be considered while selecting a medical HVAC system. Medical facility managers and experts often go for HVAC systems that demand less input power, require operational staff, and require minimum or easy maintenance.
  • Operational Constraints: Once the HVAC system is ready, it may face several constraints like building orientation, design complexity, controllability, installation complexity, etc. All these constraints can potentially make the system malfunction. Therefore, these factors must be considered prior to selection.
  • HVAC System Lifespan: Life Durability and performance reliability are two important factors of HVAC systems. One should look for HVAC products with higher reliability and longer life expectancy.
  • Overall Cost: HVAC system for a medical facility requires huge capital investments. Moreover, the cost of operation and maintenance adds up. Hence, the cost-consideration of an HVAC system for a medical facility is highly important.
  • As of now, the importance and selection criteria of the cooling system are discussed. The quality of medical HVAC products surely impacts the performance and life expectancy of the system. Therefore, you must buy HVAC products like industrial fans from a trusted manufacturer like Alfa Fans. The company is a manufacturer and supplier of heavy-duty industrial fans like blower fans, axial fans, exhaust fans, and much more. Due to the years of experience, they also offer expert advice and industry-specific HVAC solutions to their esteemed clients.

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