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How to Identify Problems Causing Industrial Fan Failure ?

  • February, 2022
  • Alfa Fans
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Industrial Fans are becoming very important nowadays for various applications. Heavy duty fans operating in different ventilation systems play a key role in the production process of many industries. Therefore, it is crucial to know how to identify problems causing industrial fan failure to maintain and monitor them. The most usual way to carry out periodic condition monitoring of industrial fans is to check the malfunctions and related symptoms.

As an experienced and

leading Industrial Fans Manufacturer in India

, Alfa Fans has noted down the following warning signs indicating fan problems. It is important to check these points before deciding for a fan replacement.

Some Key Indicators To Consider:

Noise Levels:

If different types of industrial fan makes an unusual noise during regular operations, most probably it becomes evident to have incurred some sort of damage. It is important to note that excessive noise or squeaking noise from the fan can be caused by some of the following reasons:-

  • An impeller hitting the inlet or housing of the system
  • The loose shaft or bearing of the fans
  • Problems with the belt drive
  • Inadequate lubrication to bearing
  • Misaligned seals due to heavy usage
  • Foreign material infusion from air and surroundings
  • High corrosion rate between the inner race and the shaft

  • Airflow :

    Airflow conditions during operations of heavy duty industrial fans can also be one of the major reasons for an industrial fan failure. Below we have mentioned some possible causes for failure like:

  • Inappropriate blade angle setting
  • An impeller not properly centered with inlet collars
  • Backwards installed or running impeller
  • Missing cut-off or damaged one
  • Impure or clogged inlet with time
  • Slow fan momentum
  • Improper running clearance
  • Improper inlet cone-to-wheel fit ratio

  • Inadequate airflow to the duct system gives an indication that the actual system is more resistant to airflow than expected. Other probable causes of not enough air flow can be closed dampers or registers, loose insulating duct liners and leaks in the supply ducts.

    Movement :

    If the heavy duty fan is having trouble in movement or not moving at all, then there is a high possibility it indicates a mechanical failure or electrical problem in the fan. The major reasons for such signs can be:-

  • Blown electric fuses
  • Loose drive pulleys
  • Broken belts or belt-drive mechanism
  • Incorrect voltage and/or excessive line drop or inadequate wire size,
  • Seized or distorted bearing structure
  • A load inertia that is more than needed for the motor.

  • Vibration

    One must note that vibration of industrial fans can be caused due to many reasons like low power supply, damaged mechanical parts, improper lubrication between moving parts, misalignment of couplings, defective bearing and cracks in rotors. They are a serious issue and if ignored can eventually lead to breakdown of industrial fans. They are caused by:-

  • Impeller shaft imbalance
  • Motor and sheaves improperly balancing Along with that ensure to check that-
  • Key lengths are accurate and precise
  • Fan shaft seals are rubbing on each other
  • Motor has the suitable rating bearings

  • Complete Fan Failure:

    Higher tending vibrations and rapidly rising bearing temperatures can clearly indicate that the bearing rings are facing severe problems , leading to complete fan failure. There are other potential reasons including failed belt drive or coupling, mechanical shaft failure, and input impeller failure due to abrasive or corrosive wear. Knowing why a fan is failing is important to note. From the checklist above and making the necessary repairs right from the start will save you on industrial fan replacement costs.

    However, if you are experiencing serious operational problems with your industrial fan, our fan experts can help you assess the exact situation and provide the correct replacement fan for your needs.

    The above key indicators are listed based on the study and observation made from years of experience in this field.

    Industrial fans of different sizes and specifications

    are used in poultry farms , industrial warehouses, refrigeration plants, manufacturing units and many such applications. Industry people must check the working guidelines and maintenance considerations before and while the fans are in operation. Make sure to find the

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