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Need For Industrial Fans In Summers

  • February, 2022
  • Alfa Fans
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After a long winter, summer is finally here! Was excess heat a problem at your facility last summer? Though, after dealing with the extreme cold of a severe winter, it is now time to prepare for rising temperatures. High temperatures in your warehouse or manufacturing facility will harm the health and productivity of the people working in those areas. The condition of your capital instruments, materials, and finished goods inventory can also be at risk when subjected to too much heat. The summer heat can also be a concern to your employees, your warehouse supplies, and your electricity bill.

Industrial fans provide an efficient and cost-effective solution.

Industrial fans have many types

and structures. Fan selection is typically based on performance, installation configuration, and size limitations. It is essential to understand the installation, the equipment used in the installation and several other factors before choosing an industrial fan to cool your area.

With the Improved comfort due to fan, industrial fan installation can provide some other benefits like:

  • Improved HVAC Efficiency
  • Steady Temperatures
  • Energy Savings
  • Reduced Humidity
  • Better Work Productivity
  • Alfa Fans are highly recognized and have expertise in the development of industrial fan cooling solutions. Contact us to assist you with an effective and cost-efficient industrial fan cooling system so you will be ready for the hot summer weather.

    4 Things

    Why You Should Consider Using Industrial Fans

    This Summer
    It is very common for large, open facilities such as warehouses, barns, factories and aviation hangars to suffer from undesirable climates. Mainly, these work environments can be uncomfortable for employees being sometimes too hot, other times too cold and also might be the cause of additional expenses for your company. An industrial fan can be one of the solutions when facing a facility maintenance issue of this sort. These fans were originally designed for use in dairy barn areas to increase cow comfort, the technology has since evolved into what you see now large commercial ceiling fans (also called industrial fans) that has wingspan greater than 7 feet in diameter and create small, turbulent air streams that quickly disperse and move a significant amount of air. These industrial fans are the best solution for a variety of applications in workplaces such as manufacturing facilities, distribution centers, warehouses, aircraft hangars, malls, gyms, atriums, hockey arenas, indoor swimming pools, and car dealerships. Adding this innovative commercial ceiling fan to your setup will give you many benefits, but the four main benefits are outlined below.

    Air Conditioning Using Industrial Fans

    Commercial industrial fans help balance the temperature in your space by redistributing the air that would normally be trapped in the ceiling. During the coldest times of the year, warm air is pushed back to the ground where it is needed. In a process known as de-structuring, your industrial energy-saving fan draws hot air downwards and mixes it with cooler air that settles near the ground. These industrial ceiling fans cover a large area during the summer months, moving air to create a wide comfort zone with up to 10 degrees of evaporative cooling. And while the fan doesn't technically cool the air around you, circulating air promotes evaporation, which can make everyone a few degrees cooler. These commercial industrial fans keep your employees cool, comfortable and working at their top performance.

    Industrial Fans Are Cost-Effective

    When you have a thermostatically controlled workspace, with an industrial ceiling fan, you will be able to lower the thermostat and maintain the desired temperature while reducing energy consumption and saving money. A facility manager's top priority is to keep things running smoothly and to ensure the right environment for supplies, equipment, and staff. Your energy costs can and will be reduced with the installation of an industrial ceiling fan. Plus, the best commercial ceiling fans encourage evaporation as they circulate the air, meaning excess moisture is controlled and your installation is safer from corrosion and rust. can cause costly damage.

    Need For Environment Friendly Fans

    A major reason to consider adding a big industrial fan to your workspace is that your commercial ceiling fan will also help you protect the environment along with saving money and controlling the temperature. Industrial fans can greatly reduce the amount of energy consumed by heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems as they assist them in their operations. When these fans are used in combination with a standardized HVAC system, companies generally experience a reduction in air conditioning usability. As a result, the HVAC system is using less energy and in turn, emitting less greenhouse gases. Thanks to the industrial commercial fans.

    Fans Enhances Employee Productivity

    Heat is not only a problem for customers and inventory but also results in unhappy employees. No one prefers to work in a hot environment and employees will not be able to work to the best of their capacity. A cool warehouse will help keep morale high which can be achieved by implementing industrial cooling fans at various locations in your warehouses, factories and production facilities. A happy worker is a productive worker. It can be difficult to keep a warehouse at a comfortable temperature, so it becomes a priority that your employees are not only happy on a hot day but healthy as well. Exhaustion due to heat is common in the summer which can be caused by high temperature or humidity, heat sources such as heavy machinery, or physical activity. This can prevent employees from working, as it is not only harmful to employees but also reduces work productivity. Hence, air circulation will play an important role in increasing the efficiency of employees. Proper

    application of heavy-duty industrial fans

    in summer weather will be necessary for employees' comfort and ease to increase productivity and safety levels.

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