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3 Ways Industrial Ceiling Fans Can Benefit Your Work Environment

  • March, 2022
  • Alfa Fans
  • BLOG

It’s not uncommon for giant , open facilities like warehouses, barns, and aviation hangars to battle undesirable climates. These work environments can quickly become uncomfortable for employees– sometimes too hot, other times too cold– and also could be the explanation for extraneous expenses for your company.

When facing a facility maintenance issue of this type, a high-volume, low-speed fan is often the last word solution. Originally designed to be used in dairy barns to extend cow comfort, the technology has since evolved into what you see now– Large Industrial ceiling fans (also called HVLS fans) that span greater than 7 feet in diameter and make small, turbulent air streams that quickly disperse and move a big amount of air. These

industrial fans

are the simplest solution for a variation of applications in workplaces such as manufacturing facilities, distribution centers, warehouses, aircraft hangars, malls, gyms, atriums, hockey arenas, indoor swimming pools, and car dealerships.

Adding this sort of innovative

Industrial ceiling fan

to your facility goes to bring you a spread of advantages, but three major ones are outlined below.

Keep It Cool – with a fan

Or warm. Industrial fans help balance the temperature in your space by redistributing the air that typically gets shut in at ceiling level.

During the coldest times of the year, hot air is pushed backtrack to ground level where it's needed. In a process referred to as destratification, your HVLS energy-saving fan will draw heated air down and blend it with cooler air that settles near the ground .

In the summer months, these industrial ceiling fans blanket a huge area, moving air to make an expansive temperature with an evaporative cooling effect of up to 10 degrees. And while fans don’t technically cool the air around you, the circulating air stirs up the evaporation, which may make people feel several degrees cooler.These Industrial ceiling fans keep your employees cool, comfortable and dealing at their peak performance.

Control Costs

When you have a workspace that's temperature-regulated, by a

HVLS ceiling fan

, you'll be ready to turn your thermostat down and maintain the specified temperature while reducing energy consumption and saving money. A facility manager’s top priority is to keep everything running smoothly and ensure the environment is true for the supplies, equipment, and employees. Your energy spend can and can be reduced with the implementation of an industrial ceiling fan.

Additionally, the

Best Industrial ceiling fans

encourage evaporation while they circulate air which suggests excessive moisture is controlled and your facility is safer from corrosion and rust which may cause expensive damage.

Protect The Environment

A really, really big reason to consider adding a really, really big industrial ceiling fan to your workspace is that along with saving money, and controlling the temperature, your Industrial ceiling fan will also help you save the environment. Industrial ceiling fans can greatly lessen the amount of energy consumed by heating and air conditioning systems. When Industrial fans are utilized in combination with a typical HVAC system, companies generally see a discount in air con usage. This means the HVAC system is using less energy and successively , emitting less greenhouse emission because of the HVLS ceiling fan.

The warehouse isn't an equivalent because the office. No, this is often industrial work, where heavy machinery is operated and employees work round the clock (three shifts) in some environments. One way they're divergent from a more traditional office environment is in how they’re cooled. There’s likely to be a central air con in an office, but during a warehouse – not such a lot . Warehouses are large work environments and cooling them with central air is usually unrealistic in terms of cost. That’s where ceiling fans inherit play.

Industrial ceiling fans are made to last in order that workers stay comfortable within the hot summer. They work by circulating air and regulating airflow, so workers don’t become warmed. Aside from air circulation, here’s a number of the opposite benefits to ceiling fans in industrial environments:

Powerful: Some

heavy-duty ceiling fan

models feature powerful enough CFM (cubic feet per minute) to chill large areas of warehouses or gymnasiums.

Design: Powerful, efficient motors, metal construction and waterproof electrical housing confirm that ceiling fans are well-made and require minimal maintenance over their lifetimes.

Large open-concept buildings are vulnerable to moisture and airborne contaminants, which may include volatile organic compounds, pollen, and chemical fumes. Without proper air circulation, this will cause Sick Building Syndrome (SBS).

Staff, visitors, and even livestock can experience problematic health effects, which may range from headaches to nausea and dizziness to respiratory diseases. An industrial HVLS fan encourages better air circulation, so your staff, visitors, and animals can breathe easier while inside the building.

Installing industrial fans in your facility will help work productivity to stay high, since the fans will regulate the temperature. Large facilities often have trapped air pockets and lumpy temperatures. This can cause your HVAC system to work overtime, an expensive concept in the hottest summer temperatures or the coldest winter months. Industrial fans are cost-effective solutions in this respect, and they keep the recent and cold air circulating so your facility is going to be at a perfect temperature for everybody.

Having an HVLS fan also can reduce the risks that sometimes can exist in large industrial facilities. For example, SWEATING SLAB SYNDROME may be a lesser known, but still dangerous phenomenon which will cause a variety of potential injuries. Moisture gathers on surfaces when the air is distributed unevenly. It’s a standard occurrence on concrete, which is usually the fabric wont to build a warehouse and lots of other large facilities.

The moisture buildup is an accident waiting to happen, and an industrial fan can go an extension thanks to preventing dangerous moisture buildup. In this sense, an HVLS fan can give a lower amount of worker and visitor injuries.

If you have questions about how an Industrial ceiling fan can be of use in your facility, it’s always best to ask a group of experts, ones with plenty of experience in the field. They’ll help you regulate the best way to meet your facility’s needs after making an on-site visit to your facility and recommend products ideal for the job. We recommend you to find solutions with Alfa Fan. Alfa Fans is a Leading Manufacturer , Wholesaler and Exporter Of High Quality Heavy Duty Industrial Fans In Mumbai , India. Find out how an Industrial ceiling fan can work for you by visiting their website.

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