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How Long Do Industrial Fans Last ? Quality , Installation And Industrial Fan & Blower Maintenance - Alfa Fans
  • October, 2020
  • Alfa Fans
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When you work with a manufacturer which builds high-quality products, do a good job with the installation and to prioritize it under

regular fans

and blower maintenance, the industrial fan can last as long as 50 years.

Extending Operating Life of Your Industrial Fan & Blower :

The bulk of the article is covering the important components of

quality fan and blower

maintenance. But a fan life starts well before that with construction and installation.

Industrial Fan & Blower Life Through Quality Construction

Industrial fan and blower

life starts with the quality construction done by the manufacturer. The better the industrial fan & blower is designed to be built for specific application, the greater are the chances it will live out of its full potential.

Industrial Fan & Blower Life Through Solid Installation

The early investment that affects the life of your Industrial fan and blower is proper installation. The best way to make sure if it is a solid installation is to follow the Installation, Operation and Maintenance manual from the manufacturer. This will give some specifications for things like : how much torque is optimal when fastening the fan to the foundation, the maximum allowed vibration levels for your fan or blower.

To get the system up for

longer life of the fan and blower

, start with a level foundation and make sure it is torqued down correctly with a proper secure connection of fan to the base. You also have to check the tightness of all of your fasteners, especially inside your wheel connection to the shaft, because if it’s not, that could be a really quick failure.

Another thing is to check the vibration of the fan,and correct any excess imbalance created during installation to run within recommended vibration levels. If your fan sat idle for any length of time before installation, you might also want to double-check that the bearings are properly lubricated.

Extended Life by Regular Fan & Blower Maintenance:

Once the industrial fan & blower is installed properly, set up a Industrial fans and blower maintenance schedule to increase the lifespan of the equipment. Once you fix the timing and frequency of maintenance, the most suitable way to make sure that you stay on top of it is to install temperature or vibration sensors for continuous monitoring for detection of an error before failure. In this way, even if something changes in between of your scheduled maintenance, you have an early warning to address any potential issues.


To get maximum life out of your industrial fans and blowers the process mainly depends on three essential factors:

  • To work with a reputable fan and blower manufacturer
  • To install the fan properly, including monitors to track your maintenance schedule
  • To set up and follow a disciplined maintenance schedule

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