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How to choose a perfect fan?
  • November, 2020
  • Alfa Fans
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Started in 1980, Alfa Fans is a leading

domestic & industrial fan manufacturer in India

. With a wide variety in domestic fans like pedestal fan, table fan, wall fan, ceiling fans.

With so many variables and options, choosing the perfect fan can be a bit daunting.Determining what type of fan you should add to your room of choice can seem like a surprisingly complex decision when you are first starting out.You need to think about the size of your space, the dimensions of the fan, flowing and CFM, the length of its blades, what number blades, their materials and the list goes on..

So, how to choose a perfect fan

Ceiling fan

The first thing to consider when deciding your

ceiling fan

size is the size of the room in which it will go. The square foot of a room dictates how big the ceiling fan will need to be because a fan that is too small or big for a space will not circulate the air properly. If you don’t know the size there's a simple trick, you can measure a ceiling fan’s size by recording the diameter of its blade sweep, And according to that you can choose the right fit to your room space. To get the detailed list of the fit contact us & get your fan from our exclusive list of fans that perfectly fit your room.

Pedestal fan

While buying a

pedestal fan

for your home, office make sure you test out all the different fan speeds available to ensure that they match your requirements. Each fan has a RPM. Always go for a fan with a higher RPM if you require more power. An RPM of 1.3k to 1.4k will give you a good breeze. Being compact and portable, Pedestal fans of Alfa Fans can be placed in any corner of the room to give the cooling effect.We have designed Pedestal Fans to supply utmost volume circulation of air. We offer a customized range of sizes as per customer's requirement, which has helped us to adapt specific grounds in the fan industry .When making a purchase for a pedestal fan, it is important to think carefully about what you want it to do, and where you plan to put it.

Table fan

Choosing the right fan size is important. Amongst the various sizes, 12, 16 and 20 diameter inch fans are most popular. The thing that comes to mind while choosing

table fans

is the “Noise” In such a case, the bigger the diameter less the noise. whenever opting for a table fan, you need to focus on your table fans will collect dust sooner or later. Cleaning this is a very difficult part, in older versions of table fans there was no option of opening the panels, and it was much difficult to clean it. But Alfa fans table fans are designed in such a way that you can unscrew and disassemble the piece to reach the fan blades and clean it thoroughly.


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