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Uses Of HVLS Fans In The Winter
  • November, 2020
  • Alfa Fans
  • BLOG

When we think “fan,” we usually think “cooling.” But that's not the only use of a fan, you’ll be glad to know its use extends far beyond the summer. Everyone is concerned about cold winters, but the HVLS fans are the best weapon in your arsenal during winter.

How does HVLS Fans Help You In Winter

HVLS fans move slowly and distribute large amounts of air at low rotational speed.The motor is a key part that benefits an HVLS fan during the winter months. HVLS fans are designed to run in reverse, in addition to run normally

HVLS fans are designed to run in the reverse direction. Because, when you run your fan in reverse, it pushes air down rather than up. This can be great news throughout the winter season as a result of it relieves 2 quite common weather issues in massive buildings — air stratification and poor ventilation.

HVLS Fans - Comfort and Efficiency

HVAC systems are helpful at pumping out heat within the winter. What they’re not capable of is putting that heat where it's most required.

When the ceilings are high, this may leave the room, space or the area cold at ground level. By using the HVLS fans the air can be pushed downward and the temperature can be kept under control for workers to feel comfortable and productive at work, even once the common temperature of the house is also heat. the additional energy consumed can be significant. In one study of airplane hangars, stratified air conditions raised heating demand by as much as thirty eight 38%.

The solution is to bring a number of that heat all the way down to ground level by mixing up the layers of air. Once flow in reverse, the air in the surrounding will cooldown & bring the temperature back to normal. Several facilities will scale back their heating bills by twenty to thirty %. depending on site and location, this could add up to thousands of Rupees in savings, every heating season.

Enjoy Fresher, Healthier Air in Your Workplace This Winter

Saving the heating costs is a great reason to buy the hvls fan in the winter, as it helps in cost reduction. But that's not it HVLS fans can bring many more facilities during cold weather. HVLS can help you in improving the air quality that can keep you & your Employee protected from the cold and flu season

What to Look for in an HVLS Fan when buying:

Not every HVLS fan on the market is designed for winter use. Here are a few things to look for:

 -  Always select a model that can run in the reverse direction.

 -  Selecting a fan that is compatible with your building management system (BMS) will help ensure optimal efficiency.

 -  If you have a large space, select a fan model that enables you to gang multiple fans together along for comprehensive coverage.

 -  Be sure to consider factors such as building layout, obstructions within the space and HVAC integration when designing your fan array.

 -  If you are working with a manufacturer or installer, don’t forget to tell them you will be using the fans for heating as well as cooling because this can affect the system design.


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