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Servicing Of Industrial Fans

  • Dec, 2022
  • Alfa Fans
  • BLOG

Anyone in charge of

industrial fans

used in air handling systems would be well aware of the importance of a regular servicing and maintenance schedule.

Naturally, routine maintenance is essential to getting the most return on any investment in this

type of Fans

. A contract maintenance and repair service for the fans that are essential to the machinery is becoming more and more apparent to businesses that use air handling units.

The advantages of consistently maintaining and increasing fan performance levels in commercial spaces, retail establishments, office buildings, and industries are well known.

The idea that "prevention is better than cure" has gained acceptance as more business owners realize how important regular maintenance of their air handling devices may be to the efficient operation of their enterprises.

Fans are crucial in this industry since clean air and a hygienic working environment are necessities, as anyone who works in the food processing sector would know.

Similar to many other production and retail settings, including high street retailers, maintaining consistent temperatures is crucial for processing food. Of course, it is possible for computer equipment to become too hot, and if air handling units malfunction or break down, temperatures will.Employers must stay informed of health and safety regulations pertaining to shifting weather patterns and working conditions.

Businesses probably don't need to be reminded that it's important to prevent breakdowns of the fans used in air handling units because they can result in significant revenue losses. Numerous units are frequently operated by large industrial sites, so ensuring that fans are routinely serviced and maintained is a sizable logistical challenge but is necessary to prevent long-term issues and extend the life of fans.

Anyone who has experience using or maintaining air handling units would know that consistency is crucial to prevent a unit from failing unexpectedly. It's likely that issues with a machine that is out of sight won't be discovered until it breaks down.

Here is a quick refresher of what

industrial fan service

is in case you forgot.

Fan manufacturers in India

, engineers, and businesses that run industrial fans as part of air handling systems will already be familiar with what a fan service entails.

A regular service would last a whole day and would typically involve cleaning up any dust and dirt while also examining the general health of the fans. Filtration and air distribution systems are inspected, and motor and fan bearings are examined for wear, lubricated as needed, and replaced as necessary. The drive belts of belt-driven fans are examined and may need to be modified or replaced. On direct coupled fans, the coupling alignment needs to be examined and replaced as necessary. The impeller has to be checked for signs of wear and tear, corrosion, and dirt buildup that could tip the fan off balance. The fans are then tested, and vibration levels are tracked.


types of industrial fans

should be routinely maintained and serviced onsite by competent engineers to lower the chance of breakdown, save time and money, and guarantee the life expectancy of machinery.

From time to time businesses need to take stock of their responsibilities and ensure that they have a clean working environment, take measures to reduce emissions and consider all the environmental impacts of their work.

A regularly serviced and well maintained fan is by definition an energy efficient piece of machinery and companies should be aware that neglecting to have fans serviced could also impact on their ability to meet environmental targets.

Alfa fans is a leading

industrial fans manufacturer in India

, We provide hassle free quality servicing and maintenance for all types of fans

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