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Alfa Fans domestic range of fans in U.A.E are one of the oldest and the one of the best product lines of the company. We are one of the

best industrial fan manufacturer in U.A.E

. Keeping our customer's demand in mind we have a range of domestic eco fans & domestic ultra fans.

Alfa Fan's has excellence in providing a huge Range of

Wall Fans


Pedestal Fans


Table Fans


Ceiling Fans in in U.A.E.

Cabin Fans combined with Class & Style to cater needs of every home / workplace, so that there is breeze at every place & complete relaxation to the individual.


Pedestal fan

Our Pedestal Fans in U.A.E have autonomy in giving one of a kind versatility, in order to convey the Fan at each edge of the Room according to the need and necessity.

Professional impeller designed,

high pressure, larger flow, Low noise, and long life.

High pressure. Larger flow. Light weight.


Table / Wall Fan

Our Table Fans IN U.A.E are an unquestionable requirement where genuine conveyability is the need of an hour and can be diverted serenely at different areas for singular necessities.

Powder Coated Guard and Strong Blades

Push Button three speed control.

90° Oscillation.


Celling Fan

Fans with smart oscillating capacities and inconvenience free activity at different rates have involved a one of a kind spot in a large number of homes.

Our Wall Fans are made to provide Air wall to Wall where larger Air Throw is required.

Ceiling Fans are perhaps the most honorable Fans accessible in U.A.E Market having solid and amazing execution so to give solace and fulfillment to client


When deciding between ceiling fan sizes, measure the room before you purchase your ceiling fan to ensure you get the size that will be most effective for the space. Measure from floor to ceiling to determine mount type (flush, downrod, standard) for the intended location. Recommended fan width based on the length of the longest wall in your room:
  • Length of longest wall is less than 12 feet, your fan width or blade span should be 36 inches or less
  • Length of longest wall is 12 to 15 feet, your fan width or blade span should be 40 to 48 inches
  • Length of longest wall is more than 15 feet, your fan width or blade span should be 52 inches or more.
  • Many ceiling fans designed for the home come standard with four or five blades. Beyond having a pleasing symmetrical aspect, it's at the 4-blade and 5-blade level that the ideal balance is achieved between the amount of air circulated and amount of tolerable ambient noise.
    Less frequent starts and stops of the fan can reduce the stress from startup, and potentially help extend t's lifespan. Leaving the fan on 24/7 ensures cleaner air, as the air is pulled through the filtration or UV light system. This can be better people with allergies.

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