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Alfa's heavy duty exhaust fans in U.A.E are planned and made with top notch material , which is helpful at modern , business and homegrown areas . Planned by our R&D group for the best yield results from our item , regardless of whether it's shrewd or anticlockwise.

Exhaust fans in U.A.E keep the dampness off and get that air streaming. For rooms that are in every case new and alive.


Exhaust Fan With Cover

We are one of the

best industrial fan manufacturer in U.A.E.

Exhaust Fans In U.A.E can be bolted directly to the wall .

Exhaust fans are designed for low-pressure exhausting and cooling applications to provide optimum performance.

They are built around an Energy Efficient motor with dynamically balanced impellers for smooth & vibration-free operation.


Exhaust Fan In U.A.E

We are the well known manufacturer of Industrial Fans in U.A.E.Industrial Exhaust fans in U.A.E are used to keep the moisture away and get that air flowing. For rooms that are always fresh and alive.

Designed specifically for the purpose, the motor has prelubricated double ball bearing.

Noise less Operation & maintenance free design.


Flame Proof Exhaust Fan

We are the leading manufacturer suppliers and exporters of industrial fan in U.A.E. Flame proof Exhaust fans help remove fumes, dust, smoke or steam from poorly ventilated areas.

Six powerful blades are powered by an explosion proof motor to handle environments.

Exhaust fans

have a totally enclosed cooled motor.



Exhaust fans keep the moisture away and get that air flowing. For spaces that are always fresh and alive.Alfa's heavy duty exhaust fans are designed and made with high quality material , which is useful at industrial , commercial and domestic sectors .
There are two main types of exhaust fans i.e Exhaust Fans with Cover , FlameProof Exhaust Fans
It is an Energy efficient motor . It dynamically balanced impellers for smooth & vibration - free operation . It also has turbo profile blades for higher air delivery.

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